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The Ring 2 (Hollywood)


Just saw it today (opening day here)...

I thought it was good, could have been better, but I think all the bad reviews have been unjustified. It's not B-grade like "Bride of Chuckie", "I know what you did last summer"... On its own, when you don't compare it against the first one its a solid performance, which I think is the best way to treat sequels. Of course they are always gonna use the best material for the first film.

I would give it 7/10....

I would like to hear anyone elses thoughts.
Well, I shit myself at horror flicks, so I'd watch with a girlfriend (don't have one, probably never will), or with friends (see previous) -- last year we did however get to watch the original 2 ring movies during school (don't ask why, i guess we just liked to watch jap movies in jap class)... the thing that turns me off from watching this movie is the little kid they use, he looks stupid. and evil. and annoying. I WANT TO CRUSH HIM!
Wasn't scary for me. All my friends ranted and raved on how scary it was, watched Ring 1 and wasn't scary at all. I'll just wait till it comes out on DVD and then rent it.
I didnt see the second part yet.

story dosnt look appealing.
aparantly the action takes place a few months ago after the 1st ended, and the story is the prequel to Samara.
Dunno, in the first they showed what happened to her before, what could possibly happen more now?
Seeing as the first one was utter shit, I don't think I'll be wasting my money on this piece of garbage.

Yup. *leaves thread*
Ill probably go see it with some of my friends tomorrow night. It debuted like two weeks ago here.
Just my opinion:

I think The Ring and The Ring 2 sucked really badly. It is not that scary at all. The story of it only takes place in front of the television is kind of boring. They should have make The Ring 2 a little different from the first as both story is same over and over again. I liked the ending of The Ring 2, which she was pulled in the television and ended up in a well and trying to escape. People in the theater was talking and telling jokes shows u how boring and the sadness of the movie.

They should have just do a remake of The Ring and call it The Ring "remake." Making The Ring 2 is just a waste of money.
if you guys didn't know, there's a 3rd movie in the series, called Ring 0. A prequel to the first ring movie... it was on latenight here once...
idiot's guide to surviving the ring...


if any1 wants to translate...