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this guy is a legend.....

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by allanh, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

    I want to share you the story of Winston Wu, the greatest womaniser of all-time. Read his long story and the photos (including the albums) and you will be amazed. After all, he isn't THAT good looking :p

    :p :beer:

    my hero
    stuffradio likes this.
  2. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    You want to be like him? :p
  3. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

  4. anhedonia

    anhedonia I'm on a boat NLC

    ..doesn't have Opera 9.20 support. Fail ! :<
  5. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

    use IE :)
    themoose likes this.
  6. :eek2::fork: IE? :confused2:sick:
  7. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    I would -rep you, but it would be very rude :lol:
  8. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    Guys that just go around and ---- random people bother me.

    It's like, think with your brain, not with your head. Ya know?

    **DISCLAIMER** Because someone's going to open their big mouth ...
    I'm not gay. And it's not like I'm some computer nerd who sits around all day and collects dust. I go outside, too.

    Oh, and allanh, sorry for the -rep. I said "EVIL" to the 'Use IE' comment, then I was going to +rep you and say "JK", but I forgot that I have to rep 24 people before I can go back to you. So feel free to -rep me to get back at me.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2007
  9. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

    it's ok , repping is over-rated. :)
    Nug likes this.
  10. Antonio

    Antonio RicherMan.Com NLC

    Seems the page not loading for me :confused4
  11. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

    Perhaps Kodak photoalbum does not work with Opera and Mozilla?
  12. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Link me to this page everyone says is failing...
  13. Nug

    Nug Mah Gituar Rox NLC

    I did it for you:)
  14. allanh

    allanh Bankai NLC

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2007
  15. Keagle

    Keagle NLC NLC

    Works for me? No error? Opera Latest version.

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