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THT - The Hosting Tool

I've been working really really really hard on the order form. Sorry but it won't be out by today. It's going to be a project spanning a couple of weeks now.
Right, I'm going to dish out a few preview looks at the Order Form for feedback, anyone interested send me a PM.
Jonny, I want to get into the talk also :)
I'm Jimmie, I help Jonny to work on THT, but he does 99% of the job, I'm just the one that stays talking with him on msn and say "Jonny, this is bugged", "Jonny, fix this, do this, do that" :p
Also if you noticed, I'm an administrator at the THT Community ;)
Been a while since I updated this thread. So here goes.

THT is burning through development, I won't reach the ETA I wanted but it's sure close to release. I can't exactly give you a date or timeframe because the time I've set aside to do development like this has gone crazy in the past couple of days.

Well, the order form a client area are near final. All the backend code for basic signup, the html, the style, the JS is complete basically. I'll compile the finishing touches on that when I come to that stage. So far, the things missing out of it so far are the admin validation and post 2 host. They won't be hard to do really.

The client area in the final version really will be what I like to call 'lacking'. It's got a very nice base to work on really. In the first version it will have edit details, delete account and view package along side the P2H tools. There is no support centre in THT at this version. That will come at a future date. Also upgrade/downgrade won't be in this version yet.

The admin control panel is the main area of my development time at the minute. I'm currently working on the client area part that includes some nice AJAX search etc. There's not much compared to my previous work but I've included all the important features really. Like admin validation for all types of packages. P2H or Free or Paid for future versions.

So what am I working on now?
The Clients section is ACP.

What to do:
Admin Validation
Post 2 Host
cP Creator Import
Clean Code
Install Script

If you've got any questions on The Hosting Tool, feel free to PM me or ask a question on the forums. Also:
If you want to test the Order Form and Client Area to give feedback get in touch!
Also, I wanted to give out more updates ;)
The THT Default style is now updated with a Tabbed-Browsing Feature (Written by Jimmie, which is me) and with several UI enhancements ;)

Also I worked on several Security Features, so be sure to get in touch with Jonny to get a preview and to see how it looks :D

I'm not doing any big job, Jonny is :D So if you want to suggest something big, post here or at the THT Community. If I can do it, I will, if I can't, I will call Jonny to do so :p

~Jimmie, THT Community Team Leader
Another Update:

~Security Settings
Security is the most important part of all software. THT also cares about it ;)
I just worked on three small security switches:

- Show THT Version in Copyright? [Default: Yes]
- Show AdminCP Link in Tabbed Menu? [Default: Yes]*
- Show Page Generation Time? [Default: Yes]*

* Warning: These will only work if you're running the THT Default Style or Styles based off it. BlueVision Style, THT-Legacy Style won't show any difference, as the triggers won't work there.

To show the page Generation time, you just need to use <PAGEGEN> anywhere in the header/footer.tpl, and it will show the page generation time!
The Tabbed menu can be customized using CSS, and you can use <MENU> to show it.