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THT - The Hosting Tool

More updates :)

Jonny just finished the Admin Validation System, and he is working now on p2h. We are almost there!

My updates:
~ Admin Notepad
A simple, easy and fun Admin Notepad is now working.
~ Client Area Announcements
Now you can show announcements in the client area, in a separate page. After you configure this feature in Client Area settings, just go to the Client Area -> Announcements and you can see the announcements that you wrote!

Even more updates :D

~ Post-2-Host Finished
Jonny finished the p2h system! :D

Yes, it works only for the signup, not monthly posts. Now he just needs to:
~ Work on the Monthly Cron System
~ Release the Script Beta/Alpha/Final Version

Quick Update
I thought I'll post this before Jimmie gets round to it ;)

All Post 2 Host is now completed, this means the release to THT is coming so much closer.

Looking forward to it.
Another Update
The cP Creator importer is now complete! The script is reaching final stages of development.
The Hosting Tool v1 Final is now released!
The Hosting Tool version 1 is now released to the public and it's FINAL! This means that anyone and their server can use it. You can upgrade from Public Beta v1 with the version 1. Changes from public beta Patch 2:
1) THT Updates & News layout made more eye friendly
2) ACP Home rearranged and cleaned code
3) Admin Notepad now switched to TinyMCE
4) Server Footer Information now an option in Security Settings
5) Remote icons fixed


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One? I thought that there were a few more.
By the way, 1.1 is coming. With support area, resellers and client domain search. Sorry Jonny if I gave too much details. :p
It'd be much better for everyone if one of you posted about updates ...
If you're on about only one person posting about updates, I'll keep Jimmie under wraps. If you're on about the lack of recent updates. There hasn't been any really.
If you're on about only one person posting about updates, I'll keep Jimmie under wraps. If you're on about the lack of recent updates. There hasn't been any really.

I think he means only one of you to post updates, most likely you ;)
v1.1 is now released!
Welcome to the HUGE version of THT. The almighty THT v1.1, in this version the main new features are:
  • Direct Admin Support
  • Full Support Center
  • Full Reseller Support
  • WHM Import Tool


Full Changelog:
1) Client Tables now work with id's left, right
2) Errors appearing more than once, fixed
3) Client/Admin CP now works off a global login system
4) Navbar works with DB
5) Site Name removed from front of link
6) WHM Username exists error tweaked
7) Full reseller support added
8) Packages backend DB limit lifted to 50
9) WHM Import Tool Added
10) CLient Email, Dev area link fixed
11) Client Email, %BOX% doesn't show
12) ACP Change Password works
13) Search Client modified and changed
14) Domain added to client details
15) Domain search added into the search clients
16) Order Form Packages now displayed in boxes
17) Fixed cron to stop showing session warnings
18) Server host char limit switched to 50
19) WHM Server Class switched to the XML API
20) Removed the redirect message from the delete account
21) IE Order Form bug fixed
22) Credits Added
23) Full Direct Admin support added
24) Server OS Added in Server Status
25) Full Support Center Added, includes Tickets & Knowledge Base
26) Client Announcements now work
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