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To Webhost Owners (How much profit you make?)

Yeah I guess I'm pretty happy right now.. No need to lose, no need to gain. (of course I want to gain lol)
A Great Success

Our Profit are our Customers. Any Hosting Business can be taken to a great success, if we are focussed in making our clients happy by,

- Fast in our service to our customers
- Intelligent in providing support to our customer
- Good in giving up ideal plans to our customers
- Technologically updated in upgrading our services
- Expert in providing security and secured solutions
- Reliable in providing service without any interruptions
Because I don't have a family to support, I do it because its fun, and I've learned so much in these last 8 months.
heymrdj said:
Because I don't have a family to support, I do it because its fun, and I've learned so much in these last 8 months.

Yay for sentence fragments!
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It gets better in time I would say if you stay on focus. But anyway I make one million a month lol no not really I wish.
hottweelz said:
That's so sweet :angel:

Anyone who tells you they work for something other than actual cash. Is a liar.

I work for credit cards :D and oddly enough I do enjoy it too, but of course if the job only paid smiles I would be long gone
The thumb rule, as I have understood :

RT = 3AC, where AC = 10HC || >= $500


RT = Return
AC = Advertising Cost
HC = Hosting cost

Means, if you spend 10 times of your hosting cost towards advertising, you can expect 3 times return on your advertising cost, being advertising cost is subject to minimum of $500.

For example, if you are having a Reseller Account of $25/mo and if you spend $500 (as 25x10 < 500), you can expect to have $1500 return a month (on yearly average), depends upon where you are advertising, no. of packages sold and price fixed for each package.

This does not mean that you'll break-even on your advertising cost if you spend $250 a month.

Confusing? Yah...I'm still finding a better formula :D
jasontd101 said:
More customers you have, the more profit you are going to make.

I did not know that. Man no wonder I've been flubbing this month. :bandit2: