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Yeah, that's right, they use the homefree script. Numerous fwps use it, and personally I don't really like it.
I was wondering what that script was... 9ug, angelcities, a bunch of sites use that. I like it because they can choose to incluse those wwwboards and formailers, so they might not offer cgi, but you at least get something.
This is a great Story

Sorry Guy`s, but I`ve read all 11 pages and I must admit it has entertained me for sometime, looks like I`ve missed Close Encounter again :)

He put a nice site together, but hey most of us here could do the same thing ;) he got the hits that he needed and the signups to start up his hosting...word of mouth and this thread will now keep him going, but as it`s been said...no-one can run a hosting company, be it small or large without the pennys coming in...this will die it`s death in a month or so.

PS: If he knows so much and presents such a nice site, why hasn`t he put more into his IBoard ;)

Regards Dean
From the Yupapa website
We are sorry! YUPAPA is unavailable to accept any more sign up until the middle of May
All the exsisting accounts has been backed up and moved to another server (Unix) and we will email to our members for their temporary URL of their web sites shortly. All the accounts will be reduced their web space to 60MB until the middle of May.
FTP access will be available and no more file size limit on your temporary account (the account for this month).
After setting up the new YUPAPA dedicated server, we will increase your web space to 100MB.
Looks like they will be unavailable for a while.
12 pages, and he still says nothing about how any of this is getting paid for.

Going down.
I am quessing before August. Anybody want to start a pool?
Maybe the problem is, he doesn't know how to put ads on all the pages, and until he figures out, it will be 'ad free'. Then they will have some 'finacial trouble' and have ads.

Still, I say out of business or ads before august.
1. Well!!! I know the ikonboard is very ugly. It is not designed by yupapa. It is set up, and maintain by me. iwod.
So it has got nothing to do with yupapa.
AS you are wondering why i didn't make the yupapa iboard better.
a. I haven't got much time to do this
b. Since ikonboard 3 is going to come out anytime soon. I might just wait for it. ^_^

As for how yupapa is going to keep up with yupapa hosting, and where will he get the money..

I have answered this b4. The current number of members using yupapa actively is minimal. Therefore the cost to keep it running is very small.
He does have a amount of money to keep the host ruuning for a few months.
He sell softwares made by him. ( Of course not using the yupapa ) Which does generate some income for him.
And then he will set up a paid host shortly.
I'm willing to bet $10,000 that by 2101, his site will be either gone or taken over by another company.
Originally posted by LeX
I'm willing to bet $10,000 that by 2101, his site will be either gone or taken over by another company.
Your on! I'll pay you on 2102 ok?

I just hope you won't live that long ;)
Hoping that May will come in very so0n so that I can see if Yupapa really provides us the SuperUnix Plan 4 free. If they did, I will really GONE mad becoz they will be the best free hosting service I ever see! But of course they must last long.
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