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UPOTD: How do you pronounce FAQ?

How do your pronounce FAQ?

  • fack

    Votes: 19 59.4%
  • eff-ay-que

    Votes: 13 40.6%

  • Total voters
Perhaps you should read above, Cdudeuk18. "I am sorry it was a typo error" is exactly what you said.

"I am sorry" is an introductory phrase, so there should be a comma after it. However, both it and "it was a typo error" are independent clauses, so you could use a semicolon instead.
Originally posted by Phrozen
A comma is not used to seperate two complete thoughts.

not so....

I am sorry, it was a typing error

^^ part 1 ---- ^^ part 2

part 1 = starter
part 2 = why i'm sorry

comma is used to take a breath/short pause well reading ......

In fact, you could say "it was a typo error" is explaining why you're sorry, so you could also use a colon.
Originally posted by Phrozen
Fine. I am sorry; it was a typographical error.

There shoudln't be a comma. It should be either a period or a semi colon.
maybe the puntuation marks are different in AmE and BrE.

Btw when the teacher wrote AmE, for a moment i thought it was AMD :D
Originally posted by Phrozen
Koon? Wow, I always thought it was ---- - the t.

Ah yes, the elusive ktun. Man's number one purpose is to achieve that ktun... :biggrin2:

And you would pronounce ph the way you would pronounce it in "phuck". :biggrin2:
Originally posted by Hayama-kun

And you would pronounce ph the way you would pronounce it in "phuck". :biggrin2:
I was thinking that, but then that would mean trenz thinks my name is
Fu-fro-zen which makes absolutely no sense.
Oh-wen where that e is pronounched like "eigh" in eight. I don't have the rotated e symbol on this system. Some people prefer it the way Ph-fro-zen said it. :confused2
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Good job Hayama.... Now here comes the hard one

How do you pronounce my last name, Weddle? :)

You can try to come stalk me now that you know my full name, but I will use my two "lethal" weapons on ya :D