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Url Redirection


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Does anyone know where i can get a free url redirect for my site that's anime related. Preferably digimon.
If so, please tell me.
Originally posted by Max
http://kickme.to have a bunch of cool names for you



Not so. On another forum, I saw a complaint from someone asking why they were getting a popup on their web site. They had a kickme.to address, so I loaded it up and checked the source. Sure enough, there was an invisible ad frame being loaded. I loaded that frame and checked its source, and found a snippet of code that pops a full page eBay ad after 7 minutes. The code even had comments confirming that it was supposed to do that.

Needless to say, they're looking for another redirect now.
Oh yeah.. that must be so irritating after 7 minutes , its not even a popup... i wish we where just like all the rest... popping up banners the moment you go to the page or having stupid adframe there all the time.
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No that's right. It's a bunch of them spawning. Is that what you call ads free? An hour ago it was a bunch of porn ads. Now it's e'bay.

You have this in the code:

http://www.kickme.to/ad.html imediatly rediredts to http://adserver.lunarpages.com/ebay/ that has this in HEAD:

<!-- full page ebay ad after 7 minutes -->

Content = "420;

<!-- banner code -->

And after 7 minutes the pop-ups start spawning. Neat Max. Reeeeally cool.
What the hell are you talking about? Porn ads?

I can assure you we have never used any what so ever porn ads for the years our service have been online, so do not come here and talk bullshit.

You see one banner after 7 minutes.. wow... gee.. and it is not even a popup.. i guess we have to pull the plug then so we get rid of the 2 people that complain.

I wonder if you have the same strong feelings against "horrible" freewebspace.net as they did the same thing just recently.

We happen to be one of the largest redirection services out there, with a very stable and secure service. And then you tell us something about porn ads? Thats a damn lie
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right.. comes from an honest one saying we have porn ads..

We have been completely adfree for 2 years..

The 7 minute delay was just implemeted recently. Or should we just close down? Tell me one other place that have a more stable and secure way of pointing to any kind of website!

Its adfree for 7 minutes.. not many people stay on their url for more than 7 minutes.. infact it is a very little percentage that ever see it.

And for your bullshit about porn.. that is a total lie. We will and would NEVER implement such a thing..
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Lemme add a few sites and call your up/downstream and see how effective you are.

:) just joking

Just a note,

We implemented the 7 minute delay to be able to build a better service for you. I am sure alot of people will appriciate our new features.
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Instead of being all defensive and Giancarloish about the whol porn thing maybe you should investigate it. Max's service isnt the only one out there. i will dig up a redirect directory for you digimon guy.
I agree to a 100% that you should investigate the porn thing. Just have in mind WE at kickme.to never had any banners of any adult kind at all.

We cannot be hold responsible for the users having an account with us though, we allow all kinds of websites and only delete those that spam.
Originally posted by Max
You see one banner after 7 minutes.. wow... gee.. and it is not even a popup.. i guess we have to pull the plug then so we get rid of the 2 people that complain.

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with having an ad pop up after 7 minutes if you rely on that for your revenue, but you shouldn't advertise it as being "ad free" when you do this. That was my point -- you said it was ad free, and it's not.
I am sorry, it just slipped my mind.

Its always been adfree so far.. and most of the people dont see anything anyway..

It will probably go completely adfree again in a couple of weeks anyway.