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What is Your Dream Country?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hostgool, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. hostgool

    hostgool Well-Known Member NLC

    Everyone has a dream of traveling around the world but it isn't that easy as you say or imagine.
    My dream country is Greece, What is your dream country? :beer:
  2. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    I guess Canada, not that that is going to happen any time soon.
  3. vlexhost

    vlexhost New Member

    I had always wanted to visit Paris or Spain.
  4. mmblr

    mmblr New Member

    Sweden would be a nice place to retire
  5. LordDass

    LordDass New Member

    America is my dream country and I like it very much.
  6. J J

    J J Member

    I moved from London to Asia... so I've experienced both places quite extensively. I'd like to travel to somewhere new. I've always wanted to go to the St. Lucia. My pals have been there and they've posted pictures on Facebook and the place is absolutely gorgeous.


    Meh, it's not so much about the country, but the people really. If I were to live somewhere... it would have to have amazing people and great hospitality.
  7. jackmia404

    jackmia404 New Member

    My dream country is Australia.
  8. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    I hear Jamaica's nice (and not for the weed, because I don't smoke all that often, I'm a drinker)
  9. rankmedia90

    rankmedia90 New Member

    I want to visit Paris and America.
  10. webhostus

    webhostus Member

    Well, Singapore is the dream country to settle down.
  11. Andrewhudson040

    Andrewhudson040 New Member

    Hi My dream Country is new York and Singapore, Malissia i love very much.
  12. HenryATWL

    HenryATWL New Member

    I respect all cultures, and I have an open mind and I want to travel a lot, but I wouldn't settle down anywhere but America
  13. volumedrive

    volumedrive New Member

    South of France. Alps are fantastic and beautiful.
  14. wdc

    wdc Member

    I like my country - Czech republic, its centre of the Europe. I like forests, swiming in nature. bicycle
    THen would like to visit all countries once.
  15. babypurin

    babypurin New Member

    Well, to be honest, this a very difficult question, as there are plenty of countries that I would be consider 'dream locales'. If I had to choose one it would be Norway--the fjords, the weather, the terrain create a breathtaking environment.
  16. Maya459

    Maya459 Member b&

    I would love to visit Brazil.
  17. alam71

    alam71 New Member

    My dream country is Australia if I like to visit for vacation but I want to go japan it's only for career growth .
  18. hi5s2arp

    hi5s2arp Member

    Great world

    I like India ..
  19. tomhardy

    tomhardy New Member

    My dream country is USA and Australia.
  20. WbmasterCall

    WbmasterCall New Member

    I would go with Paris :D

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