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what's your Google PR


Jay Street
Well, google just updated their databases recently, and my new site http://www.ezadmintools.com is showing with PR 3 with the google toolbar, BUT when I check with any pagerank tool, I keep getting PR 4 for the result. So, I guess it is somewhere between the two right now. :D

and as for http://www.methodcomptech.com, it is still showing up are PR 2. damnit

So, everyone post their PR. also, adspace is available on both sites for, so check them out if you are interested, but this thread is not for advertising, so visit the site to read the ads for it. :D . if you are looking to boost your PR, it can be boosted by linking to sites with high PR, and getting good backlinks. something that doesnt show up till google updates their database for the public, but keep in mind that you will see results once they do update.

post your PR here. :D
it is good to see that most people have pretty good PR here. we should all create backlinks to eachothers sites or something and push out PR up more. :D
hmmm, i have never seen one the is paid monthly, but you can get a domain from yahoo for $3 USD/year. cant beat that
Still, I don't have a job, and my SSI (All of it) is used to pay the rent, I get nothing left over*. -_-'

*I live with my mother, together, both of our SSI's make a total of about 1100 USD a month. Rent is about 530 USD/mo.
hottweelz said:
Cuz it would ruin the SSI.
lol. true, cant you just get a job though, and it will pay more than SSI. even working at target or something. i do secretary work during the day just to pay bills. i make $2,240 before taxes, and around $1,900 after. i make more than both of your SSI's put together, and i just sit on my ---. I am sure you could do that bro. damn, my fiance is getting a similar job starting at $10/hour, and she has no experience at all. I make $14/hr cause i had experience. you should think about it bro. would make your life a lot better. tell your mom to get a job. no offense, against her, but you are only 18, shouldnt she be taking care of you and making sure you are going to school to graduate and stuff like that? you should not be having to take care of her. that sucks. but, if you do go looking, good luck.