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Who loves windows 7?

Do you like windows 7?

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[JSH]John;1134550 said:
If they upgrade to Windows 7 it's going to cost them money, then maybe even more money if their hardware isn't supported.

So the "greatness" of Windows 7 isn't justified by the cost to upgrade? They'd be willing to spend the money if Win7 really was "all that."
Most of the greatness of windows 7 (in comparison to XP) isn't relevant to corporations. So that's why they don't upgrade.
Well... I like it. My friend has a netbook running 7, It looks so cool on there. Windows versions are always not liked at first, then people get used to them. When XP came out it was a nightmare.
I'd have to agree with deeplist. Personally I've installed Windows 7 for home users and they love it. However, a lot of businesses are still buying XP licenses and won't even touch Windows 7. I even saw that IBM/Lenovo is still including XP with some of the Thinkpads. A lot of people have told me that some of their specialized software just won't run on Win7 even with those compatibilitiy modes.
I am using Windows 7 since 2 weeks and I really love this operating system which a lot more options compared to the previous version. One thing I really like on it is the graphics which is amazing, but the negative point is you can’t install this on a low configuration PC but overall it’s absolutely awesome.
Loved Windows 7 right away. Loads up instantly on my PC after every reboot. No bugs, no errors and no viruses. In short, it trumps Vista in every single way.
Are they the same brand? If you using a different brand that might be why. Please tell me it's a Dell?

Actually , my Dell desktop with XP runs fine

the problem is with Windows7, this is on a Toshiba
Toshiba always run other OS version fine.
i love windows 7 because windows 7 working is very fast and its graphics is very cool.
and windows 7 have most wanted tools.
I got my copy for $20 and then put it on my desktop computer. Completely legit. My laptop came bundled with it.

If I had to pay more than about $80 or so, I would say it's not worth it. That's just me though.
I dislike the new dock, you have to click twice to switch between two windows (which is quite irritating). I'm using Mac OS X and I'm lovin' it :) - McDonald's slogan not intended :eek3:
Click twice? You don't, unless you're minimizing your in-view window first. It works the same as previous versions, they're just bundled into one icon, which you can change anyway. Can always use alt-tab still.
I got my copy free & genuine thanks to University.

Regarding the corporation matter, I can't speak on behalf of companies but what I do know is any form of education I've been in has or currently upgrading. Including my campus.
I helped someone get a copy by pirating it. A friend acquired a legitimate key and gave it to me.

No money should be paid for Windows.

It's better than XP and Vista though. At least that was my impression from the few minutes I used it while I was setting it up. He's told me it's way better than XP or Vista performance-wise.
I was able to get a student version of it... 64-bit edition. It was only $29.99.

It's a very solid operating system. I have very few complaints about it. Service Pack 1 cleared up many of the lingering glitches. The only complaint I really have about is the lack of blu-ray support in Windows Media Player... I can't stand the thought of paying $60 or 70 dollars for a third party player that doesn't even work all that well.