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Who loves windows 7?

Do you like windows 7?

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I got a legit enterprise sent over from a friend, he had one of them things that he paid a arm and a leg for to aquire keys and ISOs of all windows 7, w/e that thing is m$ does, apart from that I planned on aquiring it from elsewhere.
I dont pay for windows.
I love 7, its great and works well on my PC, much faster than xp ever did on this computer, XP just failed to make use of the hardware..
I was able to get a student version of it... 64-bit edition. It was only $29.99.

It's a very solid operating system. I have very few complaints about it. Service Pack 1 cleared up many of the lingering glitches. The only complaint I really have about is the lack of blu-ray support in Windows Media Player... I can't stand the thought of paying $60 or 70 dollars for a third party player that doesn't even work all that well.

Blu-Ray support in FOSS is coming soon
I'm not interested in VLC. It's a rather ineffective program which I do have... it has many problems.

I'm talking about Windows Media Player. I want native support. Not support from a buggy third party player. I tried that with WinDVD...
I don't like to use VNC either (on OSX it's a must have with that said), on Windows I use WMP with Shark007/Windows 7 Codecs, but if I ever do need to use something else, I have VLC there but I just don't set it to be the default for anything.
I've been so far removed from Windows for so long it seems foreign to me to not use Xine, Mplayer, VLC, etc.
chill out travis bickle

my b for insulting native video playback

It's just I have had significant problems. Microsoft needs to start supporting the format. I have a Blu-ray player in my computer, and would like support from Windows media player... VLC has its issues too.
Every One has its unique feature that can capture your eye. any way Windows 7 seems to be good but no good at low end systems.
Just checked the Windows 7 forums, WMC doesn't (I think its because codecs in WMP are used system wide too) . You'll just have to use 3rd party software until 7 gets support included - which is still not guarantee.
Yeah I know it doesn't support it. Believe me I tried. And probably isn't a guarantee. Too bad... for a while I did hear Windows 7 was going to support Blu-ray before it was released, but that never materialized.
I am using win 7 for last 8 months and i found the best. Its far more better then xp and vista. I just love to use my win 7.
I strongly detest change. Windows 7 is ok... better than utter atrocity that Vista was, but I still prefer XP.

I find it ridiculous that Win7 can't do some of the simple (but important) things that XP can. Win7 can't display the total size of the recycle bin? That's ridiculous. Surely it can't be that difficult. Win7 also can't display the total size (in MB/GB) of an open folder. WinXP used to display it in the status bar. Now I have to select all files, right-click, go to properties and wait for it to calculate? Talk about a waste of time.

And don't get me started on the new taskbar. Did I mention I don't like change? I know I'm probably in the minority, but the first thing I did after getting my Win7 system was set it back to classic mode.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There's a reason I still have a Win2k box around here ;)
I think Windows XP have far many more limitations then Windows 7... besides being error prone... I had way too many blue screens in Windows XP... and Vista for that matter. I can't stand either of them. The other issue is XP is quite slow.

Yes, you may not like change, but I'm having a love affair with that task bar. HAHAHAH. ;) And yes, you can set it back to classic mode. It's called having options. I got tired of that old task bar though... bleh.
I never had a blue screen (it's called BSOD - Blue Screen of Death) in 2 years with my Windows XP. If you take care of your computer, clean temporary files and scan for malware, defragment, it will be ok.
I never had a blue screen (it's called BSOD - Blue Screen of Death) in 2 years with my Windows XP. If you take care of your computer, clean temporary files and scan for malware, defragment, it will be ok.

That will keep performance up, but it's not really relevant to BSOD's. If you get a BSOD, you can't blame Windows. They're hardware and driver related.