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Why did you make a hosting company?

Why did you make a hosting company?

  • As a hobby

    Votes: 51 78.5%
  • To get lots of cash

    Votes: 14 21.5%

  • Total voters
I am interest in creating a web host company, but i dont know if this really will make profit, i see many websites offering hosting for us$8 or us$11 so how much would i make like us$3 for each account, i think this is not a good business, so i decided to create something more interesting, i develop a web hosting directory and i win more money for the advertisement, in case you are interest in trading or exchange link with my web hosting directory.

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Its a hobby for me. I had to put up with slow, unreliable free servers and thought, "Wait a minute, maybe i can offer better services to those that need it" and it started from there..
well I plan on taking over the internet :lol:

I started hosting to be differnt :lol:

I started hosting to make millions :lol:

Ok now srsly
I started hosting to be differnt in a way others cant I started hosting not to gain personaly or even for somthing to do
I started hosting becuse of all these gay hosts out there ripping people off and providing ---- for nothing service
I started hosting to be one of the few that really care.:classic2:
Because I want to take over the world......


Seriously though, to get serious profit from free hosting, you need to put in a lot of hard work, just like in any other job.

I just like doing this, and also I need a place to host all my stuff :p
Thats one thing I noticed. I needed a dedi server all to myself. Then I got the bright idea, why pay for it when someone else can for me :p.
I started a hosting company to broaden the features and influence of my network. i did it to be able to offer more features, and as a hobby i guess.

I also wanted to provide the anime market with easy free hosting, thus encouraging the online anime market even more.

I guess money does come into it, but only to cover costs of other servers and scripts so i can provide an overall better experience for the users of our network.

You'r laughing from the very answer you gave haha. you'r laughing at you haha.

It was a joke
IE I started something 1000000s of others are doing to be differnt(Excluded from the world)

The last bit means I started hosting to be differnt to other providers(Not saying all are bad but a hell of alot are) and provide good service.

But I know you know I know you know what i ment so its ok.
I made Utrust-Hosting not for the money of course the money is good but because i love doing it i love working with the servers and the clients i dedicated my time to Utrust
started in the hope of building a nice and strong community, and obviously getting some cash reward for it. But i dont except to become a millionaire doing it;)
Why did you make a hosting company in the first place?
As a hobby - For Fun, or to to get $$$?

It is to make money, but it's also for fun. I used to run a pretty successful free hosting company in the past (Q151) and now I'm back to do it all over again. :)
Lot's of great posts in this thread. :)

I've always been interested in the web (since I was 11 years old), and I started building/developing/managing websites at an early age. A few years back, I realized that I really wanted to "wet my feet" in the webhosting world, and that's exactly what I did. Did I think I was going to be successful? Nah, not really. Wow, was I wrong.

The webhost that I founded turned out to be one of the most successful free/paid webhosts in the hosting world. This, of course, was partly due to the fantastic start we had (thanks to the traffic from FWS), and from there, it took off. :classic2:

I love the webhosting industry; it's a major passion of mine (along with web development and design). It's a major, major hobby.

Well, i started going on the web at about... when I was probably like in the second or first grade? It was not much of an interest back then. But when more time passed, I was getting more interested about the web and technology (mostly computers) and eventually started a small, hosting site.(even tho it died out after a month but it was free hosting) so I would consider it as a hobby. My thoughts formed at the age of 10, and discovered more and more up until now.
Just to make money, my hobby is making money.

so i don't know
i chose make money

so if i would chose was a hobby, it wuold also mean making money.

very strange :S

i never noticed this, it just came by itself