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Why did you make a hosting company?

Why did you make a hosting company?

  • As a hobby

    Votes: 51 78.5%
  • To get lots of cash

    Votes: 14 21.5%

  • Total voters


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Why did you make a hosting company in the first place?
As a hobby - For Fun, or to to get $$$?
to establish a long term company for stable income without going to work for some random moron. Also to launch another undisclosed project which will require a high knowledge of the hosting industry
I saw an opportunity back then in Windows hosting (4 years ago) due to limited competition and high prices.
So it was not a hobby. But yes it was an area that interested us and we decided to put money/time into it.
First I started with a huge, free, 1&1 web hosting account, I knew some people that needed hosting, so I offered some of the unused space in my account to them for a fee. Then I realized, wait a minute, how would a control panel work, thus sparked my first reseller, and my first hosting biz. Sooner, rather than later, you eventually figure out what you're doing.
Ofcourse i wanna money
BUT it dont always cover what i pay !!!
so it is a hobby toooo
I make hosting company because for hobbies. I been always interested in this area and whether to earn money or not is nv been a must for me.
I've always been interested in the hosting industry and used to read forums such as this one where hosts were all helping each other out and knowing this I decided to start my own as a hobby to see what it was like, and a year later, I still love being a host and being able to sponsor sites for those that do really need it and being able to offer quality hosting at a low cost.
Got Ripped of by Servage.net as i didnt knew much about overselling and the *tricks*. Got interested and now do as a Hobby :)
Started as a hobby when I realized I was paying more on hosting fees for my websites than a reseller account would cost. Got myself a reseller account and sold off the extra space to break even. And over the years it grew to become an even bigger hobby!
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1) Make money, that's why I did elerHOST first.
2) As a hobby.
3) To connect with all my other related websites.
Started as a hobby, wanted to make enough to break even running my own few personal sites. Never knew I wouldget this big though, i am happy for it :).
Started as a hobby.
Recently I realised, "Jayzus there's nobody in my area providing cPanel hosting with Fantastico!" so I started Déise Host.
In the near future I hope to bring it a step further and go back to providing resellers.
I started because someone offered me free hosting when i was a teen. I wanted to give it back. So I did and got even more back on ads :p
I originally started through an interest in game servers about 4-5 years ago and since then I have gradually developed things and changed to mainly offering dedicated servers and web hosting as a proper limited company. I still enjoy what I do but it is now more than just a hobby and more of a job.