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Why?? hostes these days so Demanding

Good thread :) and I think I'll throw my cater cents in here!

Most people assume that cPanel IS the only control panel out there! They dont understand that cpanel is just the name of ONE control panel. WHY? Because the market is soooo totally over-saturated with cpanel hosts! :devious2: They are a dime a dozen so folks can literally take their pick!

Then you take a look at the space/BW being offered by most these hosts:
I mean honestly, average sites just are not going to use that, EVER!
Of course you have some websites that are the exception but my advice (then and now) would be to go to a vps or dedicated solution.

I had a laugh when one poster mentioned the good ole days (20mb) LOL, we still offer SMALLER plans.
After 6 years in business, guess what? AVERAGE sites still consume 50mb or less and an average of about 2GB per month....humm, stretch that abit and say 100MB/5GB and you're still covered. :wink2:
hottweelz said:
People don't understand what 5gb of bandwidth REALLY is for a normal website
A lot of people also don't seem to understand that bandwidth != data-transfer. ;)

5 GB of bandwidth is pretty near impossible. It's what, some 6 Petabytes per month based on 50% usage? I'd like to see that website. :p
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Awesome post Bruce, I notice that all the time that its confused... even the cPanel team has written up data transfer as "bandwidth". Good point out.
Yes. Technically you should use the term transfer, but bandwidth is so commonly used incorrectly that it is understood to mean transfer by many people, especially beginners. :)
Also what people don't understand is that if your site is 400 KB then one page load will only use 400 KB of bandwidth, correct me if I am wrong on that, but if I am correct, to use 5 GB of bandwidth it will take 12,500 page loads to use that bandwidth, lol :p.

I think cpanel is a bit like kleenex, vise grips, dell, aol....they are just "default" brands.

I personally chose it because of the overwhelming knowledge server administrators have with it. if something breaks I am not going to be spending days trying to find someone to fix it because it is obscure. I really liked hsphere when I had it but server management companies were not familiar with it and left me in the dark a few times.

I'm like Jan, I rarely use the cpanel on my site, just to do a few random things and get out. won't ever catch me using a fantastico script

Ako said:
I was thinking why people like cpanel so much... I think its because of Fantastico, because all other features + more you can find in plesk, da etc.
I think cpanel is a bit like kleenex, vise grips, dell, aol....they are just "default" brands.
Also, a lot of people don't know it is a type of control panel. They think that the term "CPanel" is just a quick way of saying control panel. The reality is that if you offer an alternative control panel that does everything CPanel does just as easily, most people won't care. The differences between different CPanel themes is of often just as bigger difference in terms of layout and navigation as a totally different control panel. :)