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Will spam stop now...?


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I think not, but... US congress yesterday voted yes to new legislation to stop spam. Will it work? I see a new similar law being prepared here in Sweden too, making it illegal to send commercial emails without approval from the recipient.
I don't think it will ever stop :angry2: Whilst there are a lot of gullible people out there who fall for their scams, spam will be a huge presence for some time to come.

The more who report to the likes of www.spamcop.net the better. If they don't know about it, they can't act :)
I hate spam :mad:! Our family email address is set as our email contact in way too many places to change it, so we have to deal with the all the spam. We get upwards of 180 spam emails per DAY.
I get about 5 spam e-mails in my inbox when I wake up in the morning and probably 5-6 more throughout the day until I go to bed. Not too bad but worse than it used to be.
Laws will not stop spam... As long as the web is so loaded with open relays, a spammer can send spam from any of thousands of potential addresses with no real way to track them down for prosecution.
I'm sure somebody will set up a few "honeypots" to catch the people that fall into them, but I doubt that will have any major impact.
The problem with this law is trying to deal with the anonymity f the internet. You could make it illegal, but in many cases you have no idea who's sending you spam in the first place. These are shifty people we're dealing with :confused2
I get maybe 5 spam emails a week. Thank god for filtering and using forwarders for all signups. (I have a catchall that goes to my actual email address, so each signup I give it it's own email such as: yahoosignup1@xshare.org to signup for yahoo.
After filtering and blocking, I still get more than a hundred spams a day :crying5:

Guess i need to start chopping emails :cow2:
man, i got like 200 spam emails a day in my hotmail account. And hotmail kept emailing me stating that my account's space capacity is not enough.
You know, there are laws against rape, murder, theft, robbery, kiddie porn, etc, etc. Amazing how we see none of those crimes happening anymore, right?

They cant stop what they cant find.....HOWEVER, there are a few really massive spammers who have come out publicly, even on TV, and admitted who they are. They tell you flat out that it's not against the law, and they can spam you all they want. Since they were stupid enough to want to be "famous", I'm sure that since the government now knows who they are, we are about to see a big drop in spam......and these spammers will be wondering if sending all that spam was worth that sore hole they will have for a few years while in prison.

Now I wish I could do something about all that paper spam I get in my post office box every day...
I don't get much spam anymore,
I changed email addresses, and haven't
had almost anything for a few years,
but now I get the 'Microsoft Update'
scam, and a bunch of fake return to sender
messages that tell me my message to
addresses like 'xmdaeileislasdf@netmail.com'
couldn't be delivered.
I do have a relative that gets maybe
15-20 messages a day telling her what
body parts she can enlarge,
but she can't really change the address,
because it's tied to too much.
If I had spamassasin delete spam instead of marking it as spam and delivering it I'd get 0 spam mails a day. But I like to make sure that spam's spam, so it doesn't bother me, so long as thunderbird strips the images and such.
Some years ago I subscribe to something that would improve my site ranking by submitting my site to many websites, and I got lots of emails after that... I don't know if what I'm getting is spam now, or something that I subscribed long time ago. I'm suspecting the former though. I don't really get much emails nowadays.
There is a meeting going to take place in Geneva i think, with the top 60 heads of countries.

And they are going to see who is going to govern the internet. If it is going to be the current private companies (ICANN, RIPE, etc) or the ITU.

The private companies are prefered by more rich countries, and the ITU, a body of invidividuals seems a lot nicer to third world countries.
What do you know...I live in the US and would prefer ICANN, etc. I think that ICANN as a private company is better, they elect people who know what they're doing. ICANN elects people from around the world so there's no problem there.
Originally posted by Peo
I think not, but... US congress yesterday voted yes to new legislation to stop spam. Will it work? I see a new similar law being prepared here in Sweden too, making it illegal to send commercial emails without approval from the recipient.
Besides making things such as harvesting emails illegal I don't see it as a positive thing. They should have picked the opt-in method over what they did now.
Will you run the risk of clicking an opt-out link in a spam message hoping the sender will honour it, or fear that you're just reporting your email address as "live"?
I'd much prefer countries passing a law that severely limits companies on sharing personal information about their customers/users to other companies they're affiliated with.
You might trust company A and give them your real e-mail, but they're affiliated with company B so A passes your email on to them, while they in turn are affiliated with company C who is less honest and resells your email to spammers.