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www.galaxy-solutions.net / 49pence.com

Discussion in 'Dedicated hosting discussions' started by essexlifeguard, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. essexlifeguard

    essexlifeguard New Member

    Does anyone have any reviews or expirences with www.galaxy-solutions.net or 49pence , i am looking to buy a server from one of these.

    Preffably 49pence due to the location of the server.

  2. InfiniteTech

    InfiniteTech New Member

    From GS there are two members (Galaxy-Hosts.com & HostingShack).

    When I had justed started, I had a server with them. If you are looking for good support and awesome uptime, go with GS.
  3. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

  4. TaiLZ

    TaiLZ New Member

    Well i once bought a Pentium 1.0GHZ from them last month.
    Good speed and uptime, support was good too.

    I'd recommend them.
  5. ChangAdam

    ChangAdam Active Member

    My friend was with G-S and he said that they are great too.
  6. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    Thanks guys ;)
  7. shib

    shib New Member

    I have been with Galaxy-Solutions for about a week now. Because this is my first deticated server I am just useing it for simple stuff. I am hosting a gameserver on it and everything it great. I couldn't be happier for my first time with a deticated server.
    Richard likes this.
  8. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC

    If I was going to pick any of the two I would pick 49pence, been around much longer, plus 49pence own all their servers (IE, they don't resell).

    In fact we are thinking of obtaining some IP transit from 49pence soon :).

    Sure, GS are great for low cost solutions & if that's all you can afford then go with them + I haven't heard anything bad about them but if your budget can go that extra further then give 49pence a try.

    (I haven't tried any of the above providers, just my experience from what I have seen).
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2007
  9. JewlzK

    JewlzK New Member

    I've talked to both Patrick & Richard via phone, they are both very well educated people who know what they are doing. I would recommend them, they run a good company over there.

    Richard likes this.
  10. Eclouds

    Eclouds Marketing Guru NLC

    Richard from Galaxy is a very nice and professional guy. I would recommend them instead of 49pence.
  11. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    JewlzK, LV3servers. Thank you very much for your kind words. :D Brings a tear to my eye.

  12. AMC

    AMC serial slacker NLC

    full of high praise for you man, you must be doing something right :p while i havent tried your services i have heard not a single bad review since i have come in contact with your company in october, that cant be a bad run record, however i have no experience with 49pence whatsoever :)
  13. DavidsAwesome

    DavidsAwesome Wait, What? NLC

    We were with galaxy for a while. The service was excellent, as was customer support.

    We switched to another provider about a month ago because they offered unmetered bandwidth and cheaper pricing. (However the support isn't nearly as good)

    Looking back,however, if it weren't for the bandwidth that we so desperately needed, we'd still be with them.

    Hope that came off as a good review, because it was meant to be.
  14. David,
    Thanks for the lind words. We would love to have you back as a client. If you pm me your current offer I will see if I can work anything out for you.
  15. DavidsAwesome

    DavidsAwesome Wait, What? NLC

    I'll bring it up with my business partner.
  16. InfiniteTech

    InfiniteTech New Member

    G-S, is the best... As I told you earlier, I had a server with them initially. That time, they had setup the server within 24 hours (including OS + Control Panel) which most hosts lack.
  17. jiehao85

    jiehao85 ORiN NLC

    BPmedia-David, which provider are you using at the moment then?
  18. Dan

    Dan Bullah NLC

    I've known Richard Anderson from Galaxy Solutions with a few years now and is an honest professional guy. Would highly recommend them.
    Richard likes this.
  19. galaxy-BLOWS

    galaxy-BLOWS New Member


    This is a middle man server/hosting site with poor support and very bad TOS .... furthermore they will shut down your hosting and make you lose weeks of work without notice ... I am reporting them to paypal and more

    I lose weeks of work because of them .... BEWARE .... go elsewhere the planet servers or somewhere else
    James likes this.
  20. J J

    J J Member

    What exactly happened 'galaxy-blows'?
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