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Your Son May Be A Computer Hacker

OMG :| thats funny lol

Is your son obsessed with "Lunix"?

Quake is an online virtual reality used by hackers. It is a popular meeting place and training ground. <-- Oh so true LMAO

Popular hacker software includes "Comet Cursor", "Bonzi Buddy" and "Flash".
Im gonna hack ya's all with bonzi buddy he will destroy you all lol.

who ever wrote that has no idea and is most probadly computer illiterate.
Epgs said:
Yeah thats from back in the day. Hilarious though.
Indeed, I remember when the comments were all on the one page (you had to "log in" to see the comments, but you could leave blind comments- and that's what everyone did)... and the page was like 12MB or some ridiculous amount!
Conscript said:
AMD is American Micro Devices, they are not a 3rd world-based manufacturer!
The chips are manufactured in Malaysia. Try reading the chip once in a while. Nice guess at the acronym though.
notnamed, if you find a chip with Made in the United States engraved below the die, sell it to Conscript :biggrin2:
Damnit, I hate it when people say they do things with my mother - it reminds of this one time I actually walked in on my parents... I won't divulge details...