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    Why is my name bold?

    I was just asking, I had no clue why it was bold. Ah, yeah, old avatar. Have not been here for the last 2 years or so.
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    Why is my name bold?

    Hey people, I am browsing the forums and I noticed my name was bold, what is the reason for this? I am unable to find any key or anything to explain to me why I am bold. Cheers!
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    Vaio vs Thinkpad !

    I have had a ton of sony stuff. Most of it, broke. Since then i have been buying Philips for audio equipment and have not been let down.
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    Vaio vs Thinkpad !

    7 to 0 :P I say thinkpad as well. Trenz: I agree with you on the Philips for monitors.
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    2 Question seriouse

    Robert has indeed been around very long, and had many a customer that he served well.
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    Spent the day in the ER...

    i was in ER twice, once because i bent my wrist back all the way to my arm. Had to get a cast, X-Ray's were taken and all kinds of things. And another time was cause i cut my arm open on something sharp and i was bleeding badly. I lost quite a bit of blood, and they gave me some stuff that would...
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    Sex @ 12 Ok!

    They are gonna ---- anyways, so they lowered the law. Simple, why not? Hell, in the US where i live, 16 is the age of consent, i know a lot of people that had sex way before that time.
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    Time to make breakfast [pics, 56k=you've been warned]

    Hrm, ill make a picture of my breakfast sometime. Its fairly simple !
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    Microsoft says No Way to Lawyers..

    $3,000 an ----ing hour? Hey, can i join this legal team? Just $500 an hour will do for me :P
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    5 Reasons to Always Carry Your Camera

    translation available?
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    Ebay Seller Pw0ned

    I so totally agree.
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    Anyone else seeing orange?

    phew, this puts me back to rest.
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    A question for those with forums and contributor based sites.

    My site is moderated by people i have never met in my life, except of the net. I mostly choose em cause i talked to them on IRC, MSN, or AIM. Since my site is coding related, i look at how well they write PHP scripts and whatnot.
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    Woot! I got Gmail!

    I second the motion as well.