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Ask me about being a [ex]scientologist!

Space Ghost

When I was 15, I was shopping around town probably looking for girls or someone to buy me those illusive 16+ video games. Briefly, after stopping to take a swig of my beverage.. a female approached me, she greeted me and asked me how I was and what I had planned today. Little did I know what this day would end like.

Her name was Fiona, she said she was from the Church of Scientology and said that they was looking for people to come and join. Normally, I'd give her the middle and walk off but a girl, not much older than me with a beautiful figure and long auburn hair.. I'd give her the time of day (as well as.. no I wont go down that path).

Basically, she said that the church wasn't about worshipping God but instead it was about.. anti-drugs, anti-war and a fight for a peaceful world. I didn't realize then that that wasn't all the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation had in store. She asked if I'd come back to have a stress/personality test (basically, what they call "Auditing" for free and if I'd watch a movie. Like I said previously, I didn't have nothing else to do so I said "Sure. Why not." Her face lit up like a car headlight.. she seemed genuinely happy.

Cue 30 minutes later, when I am sitting in a well kept building waiting to have my personality test when Thomas comes out and says "Would you like to come in now, James?" (I wasn't giving real names to them yet.) I'm not going to describe every little bit about the auditing process incase they sue me. No, wait.. I couldn't give a shit.. here goes:

(Basically, its a whole load of crap..but I was young, stupid and carefree and went with it.)

Ok, the room is a nice air conditioned place that lures you into a very relaxed mood, you sit in a nice comfy chair and then the auditor joins you. The machine they use - an "e-meter" is basically a lie detector. You squeeze a couple of cans while the auditor asks you a few questions about your life and it's picked up by the e-meter and logged by the auditor. That's all I know. You can find out more infomation about the e-meter here:

This took around an hour because my new best friend Thomas had some trouble with the e-meter. Afterwards, I was asked for my contact details.. I just gave my mobile number for now and my name and was told I'd be called within the next three days with the results. 3 days later, I get a call from Fiona, the girl who approached me saying they had the results and would I come in and discuss them. I was going to visit my father so I said I'd go in 2 weeks time, she quickly scurried the phone to Thomas who gave me my first warning signs of what was to be a horrible journey.. Basically he says: "Don't you care about finding out the secrets of your life, why we are here on this earth? Getting rid of war?" I answer "Yes.. but I have to visit my father." Thomas replies "OK. Don't sweat it. We'll call you."

2 weeks passes and I recieve a call from Fiona asking if I was free to go in.. "Sure. I'll come down in about an hour." I replied. She said "Okay, cool. See you soon!" and hung up the reciever. I stroll to the offices and I'm huddled into a sideroom to discuss my results. Basically, they told me I was a lost sheep. A person without direction, a person with low self-esteem. Which, at the time was right.. I'd been having a rough time. They said they could help me, and anything that'd get me out of this rut.. I'd do it.

Next came the costs.. "All you have to do is attend a few seminars, take a few books home with you and get audited twice a week to monitor your process." "All it will cost you is.. £5 for the auditing.. £15 for [each] seminar and the books are free to you because you are still a teen." I asked whether my parents should be involved.. and I never heard someone say "No!" quicker. Again, I wasn't exactly best friends with either of my parents.. so this was much chance to show them I could be a new person. I agree, paid £15 for a seminar, gave my address and full name [MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE] and went home.

The first seminar was about thinking about yourself postively.. and I will say.. it was mindblowing, it was really in-depth and interesting. That was the only one that was interesting. Afterwards, I was approached by the person who gave the seminar and she had a brief chat with me and welcomed me as a Scientologist.

They didn't call me for a couple of weeks but during this time, I confided with a friend with what basically, I'd done in a whim. He told me I'd made a huge mistake but I wouldn't here any of it. When I went to return my books to the Library, I told Thomas about my friends doubts.. NOTE: NEVER QUESTION A HARDENED SCIENTOLOGISTS BELIEFS!!!!! He told me my friend was uneducated and that I should explain to him what was really going on. A week or so later, I lost my best friend. He refused to talk to me. But that story is for a different time and place.

I could go on about this for hours, but lets zoom forward 6 months. I eventually told my parents [who were "uneducated"] and they were really supportive [mainly,because they didn't have a clue what it was].

I was now 16, a 6 month scientologist and I'd lost a lot of friends, spend a lot of money and I'd say completely brainwashed. Luckily, this didn't last much longer. My old friend who I hadn't spoken to for at least 5 months came knocking at my door clenching a folder. It was full of anti-Scientology infomation. Of course, I wasn't having any of this. But he left the folder behind and simply said.. "You'll thank me for this later."

Months passed.. I was still paying out.. by this time at least half of my pay packet was going towards the "church". I was still a low rank, having now 3 audits a week, paying £25 per seminar. Then, the summer of my 16th birthday hit.. you know the one.. you try your first booze, drugs and whatnot. (well, not drugs for me -sigh-) I had a girlfriend, who was drifting away as I attended more Sci crap.

Out of the blue, on a hot august afternoon. I sat down and read what my friend had left me. I started reading with the intent of throwing in down in disgust. But I was drawn in, quotes from ex-Sci's, figures, facts.

----. What had I been doing. What have I been wasting £5,000 on. I feel like such a fool. Bare in mind, that this wasn't a sudden "omg scientology is a scam".. it took a while to sink in. I stopped attending seminars, I stopped buying books, I stopped auditing, I stopped donating. Boy, this took a while, they don't like to see people go. My mother and father, after reading this folder really blamed themselves for letting me do all this. It took THEM a while for everything to sink in. It really took it's toll on them [and eventually led to their divorce].

That's it in a nutshell. There's probably holes [ask.. I'll fill them].
Feel free to ask any questions. Anything at all.

What happened to Fiona? She killed herself citing that she would never have enough willpower and strength to progress through to the higher levels of Sci.
Thomas? He's still there. Cept now, he's a team leader and gets paid about £1 more than anyone else.
cliffs? here they are.

A hottie was soliciting her religion (scientology) to our one NetMaster.

They tested him, told him he was a loser and only scientology would unloserify him... for the low price of £15/ seminar.

money added up, friends left, and he was brainwashed.

Eventually, before NetMaster could get in too deep, an old friend righted our ones ways with some good info.

He is now living happily ever after as a non-scientologist.

The hottie killed herself in the name of her religion
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Interesting Story.

Did it help you at least? Are you a better person? Do you have direction now? better self-esteem?
Scientology the cult of greed and power.

Interesting read of your experience NetMaster, thanks.
Robert said:
Interesting Story.

Did it help you at least? Are you a better person? Do you have direction now? better self-esteem?

It did help me. It gave me all the life experience I could ever ask for. I have a good job, a girlfriend and pretty much everything I could have asked for. I still get them ringing me from time to time - well, until about 2 weeks ago. when they asked me if I was interested in returning. I said I tried poppers last year, they haven't call back :) And yes, it has helped me. 2 years ago, I wouldn't have REALLY gone out that much or approached people to make friendships/relationships - now I'm out all the time and have got a good bunch of friends.

I am now what the Church calls a SP - a Suppresive person. I've gone against the teaching of Hubbard thus I am the devil. I've also done everything they hate. (Booze, lots of sex, dabbled with drugs). Basically, I am always being targeted as someone they could bring back to the church.

I've heard a little update on Thomas, just recently, he's been swindling the elderly out of savings and whatnot for "the contiuned progress of the church". I'll give him something, he's damn convincing.

Oh, Gayo - you caught that before I edited it :wink2:
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NetMaster said:
Oh, Gayo - you caught that before I edited it :wink2:

indeed I did. :)

NetMaster said:
gone against the teaching of Hubbard thus I am the devil. I've also done everything they hate. (Booze, lots of sex, dabbled with drugs). Basically, I

Who is this Hubbard, and what does he teach? In addition to a boozer, a sexer and a drugger, I wish to be the devil.
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Man, this sounds strangely similar to the sXe lifestyle.
But with more religion and less bandanas and camoflauge. :p
Meksilon said:
http://www.bible.ca/scientology-1million-start-a-religion.htm Interesting, I had heard it was started by the bar-bet... but at any rate it was certainly started for finacial gain as that page will show.

Most of that is just babble. The religion was started due to Hubbards involvements with black magic. I quote you an interview with his now non-scientologist son Hubbard Jr.

Penthouse: Didn't your father have any interest in helping people?
Hubbard: No.
Penthouse: Never?
Hubbard: My father started out as a broke science-fiction writer. He was always broke in the late
1940s. He told me and a lot of other people that the way to make a million was to start a religion.
Then he wrote the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health while he was in Bayhead,
New Jersey. When we later visited Bayhead, in about 1953, we were walking around and
reminiscing , he told me that he had written the book in one month.

Hubbard: One of the important things was
to destroy the evidence if you failed at this immaculate conception. That's how my father became
obsessed with abortions. I have a memory of this that goes back to when I was six years old. It is
certainly a problem for my father and for Scientology that I rememoer this. It was around 1939,
1940, that I watched my father doing something to my mother. She was lying on the bed and he
was sitting on her, facing her feet. He had a coat hanger in his hand. There was blood all over the
place. I remember my father shouting at me. "Go back to bed!" A little while later a doctor came and
took her off to the hospital. She didn't talk about it for quite a number of years. Neither did my father.
Penthouse: He was trying to perform an abortion?
Hubbard: According to him and my mother, he tried to do it with me. I was born at six and a half
months and weighed two pounds, two ounces. I mean, I wasn't born: this is what came out as a
result of their attempt to abort me. It happened during a night of partying , he got involved in trying to
do a black-magic number. Also, I've got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the
Beast 666 incarnate.
Penthouse: The devil?
Hubbard: Yes. The Antichrist. Alestair Crowley thought of himself as such. And when Crowley died
in 1947, my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast and become the most
powerful being in the universe.

Penthouse: Your father was selling information to the Soviets?
Hubbard: Yes. That's where my father got the money to buy St. Hill Manor in East Grinstead,
Sussex, which is the English headquarters of Scientology today.
Penthouse: What information did your father have to sell the Soviet government?
Hubbard: He didn't do any spying himself. What he normally did was allow these strange little
people to go into the offices and into his home at odd hours of the night. He told me that he was
allowing the KGB to go through our files, and that he was charging £40,000 for it. This was the
money he used for the purchase of St. Hill Manor.

The rest of the interview is [here ]

jmiller said:
Man, this sounds strangely similar to the sXe lifestyle.
But with more religion and less bandanas and camoflauge. :p

sXe kids are a big part of the recruitment drive. Like you (kinda) say, the two are similar - sXe already believe half the things they do, it's just a case of getting them to believe the other half.

I wouldn't have been allowed access to the documents while I was there (unless I sold my soul..) but in the handbook given to recruiters there are detailed descriptions of all the kinds of stereotypes (punks, emo kids, skaters, goths for the 10-19 year old catagory) and ("apprihensive, shy etc) for the 19+.

They are taught to be "in the know" - lets just say.. you have a emo kid - I shit you not..the recruiter is advised to discuss the arts and take the potential new meat to a coffee bar (starbucks etc)

[edit: i can't spell :crysad: ]
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Interesting he mentions Crowley - who many today believe to be the most evil man to have ever lived. Scientology is indeed a destructive cult.

I bring nothing to this topic...

... except images!
Scientology is the biggest fraud on the face of this earth, and to think that they exploit religion! I applaud you for getting past the lies of L. Ron Hubbard, and yeah, you'll definitely want to thank your friend. Scientology is a cult, not a religion as they would like you to think, and considering that it has cost many lives and has scammed many people of their money, it should be banned by law.

As for Tom Cruise being a scientologist? I think he's being paid off to attract more people to the "religion".