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Avatar Hijack?


Super Moderator
Ok... when I viewed this page, I was wondering when did I double post... *took a closer look* I see... :D


Always moving..
why don't we all copy MicGoogle's avatar to get the message across and show what it feels like?


Super Moderator
Don't really see how copying an already copied avatar is going to help shuv the message down his throat.


Kicking your a$$
Hey whilst ya at it, why dont yall copy my avatar and siggy.
That will sure teach him :D


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Meta Jokes

I agree, it's just bad taste to swipe an avatar, but just short of actual administrative action. However, it won't help him next time he wants a favor here.

But since then, some of you guys are doing funny meta-jokes on each other's avatars. I don't have enough history to catch them all, so these are all the jokes I've caught so far:

Judge Fudge --> DavidsAwesome
James --> Nod to Utcrazy, meta-parody of title meme
CnR --> hamster
Mentok --> Blank Verse