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BidVertiser vs. Google AdSense

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i love Google AdSense because it ads are more useful to my blog visitors which will gain high click through rate.
What i concern about adsense is they prove ads on your blog abit slow and once get banned , i will taken years to get back your adsense your account.
AND froebil

I tried both Bidvertiser does not deserve any comparision with Adsense.

infact bidvertiser is useless and a waste of time. Use adsense it pays more as comparing to any other ad network site.
I have been a Bidvertiser publisher since 4 years now. We used to see lots of advertisements initially but lately we find that the public advertisements are replaced with their own advertisements, which means no money when someone clicks with it. Perhaps this is because i am in India and the no of advertisers Geo-targeting for India are less or precisely not any more :(

Did anyone else found this with Bidvertiser or is it just me?
I think Adsense is better than than all other tool in the market. It gives you better options in terms of money and help.
I've never received the money from BidVertiser - could be that I did not reached the minimum which was 50$ ( it was a long time ago ).
However, what I notice for sure: the same site, same traffic I was doing more money with Adsense.
I had used both and both is good for me. There is a new feature for bidvertiser which can earn more for you. If the advertiser earn from the click coming from your site, meaning a paid lead, a portion of it will be given to you.
Both are same services provided. Bidvertiser operated by yahoo & Google operated is Adsense. If you give effort of both. You get earn more.
Adsense can display ad for most of the keywords and a page with text contents doesn't usually lack of adsense ads. I don't think Bidvertiser can do the same.
From my 1 year experience with Google, they are decent with their CPC and eCPM. It depends how targeted your site is. I reckon you could get better rates with more focused sites. I run an entertainment site so its not quite good. Around xmas and generally big holidays where people buy, you will see a large spike in rates and coincidentally a drop back to the normal once the holidays are over.
BidVertiser vs Google AdSense

Same here, my site is still new and I dont have that much time right now to write more articles for my site. Im not earning that much with Google adsense right now because Im not doing any SEO yet.
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