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Choosing Link Partners


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Some people may feel uncomfortable with linking to a competitor’s site. This is an objective topic that has many right and wrong answers. I feel that it cannot hurt you unless you are really overcharging for your product or service. If that is the case, today’s increasingly savvy searchers will probably find your competitor anyway.

Many SEO’s and “Linking Experts” nowadays are trying to establish three or more-way linking schemes. An example would be you link to site A and site B will link to you in exchange. The jury is still out as of the writing of this article as to the damage this may cause if such a scheme is discovered, but I would caution any SEO’s or other web marketers not to be too public about such efforts. As long as all three sites are topic-related, it should be OK, but don’t bet your house on it.

The following style is recommended for writing your Titles and Descriptions. The Title should also be the link to your site, in most cases. Use popular keywords associated with your industry or page-specific product, in order to take advantage of anchor text popularity. However, you should also use your site URL in some inbounds, especially if the URL matches the company name or the DBA, in order to ensure that your URL appears highly in applicable searches. The description should be short and to the point, and include popular search terms as well as synonyms. Mix up your inbound link Titles and Descriptions, in order to avoid seemingly link-spamming. Look at the other links on the page your link will be and try to avoid duplication. Lastly…it is highly recommended that you do not use site-wide links, especially on sites that are not officially related to you in a business sense (part of the same parent company, for example).

Backlinks are very important to search engines because they strive to provide as much relevant content to its users as possible. If a site has many backlinks from relevant other sites or especially “hubs” or “authorities,” it will help your rankings. Some say that “Content is King.” I agree, but feel that linking is certainly a very powerful Queen at the King’s side.
i still will not agree with exchange link with competitive even do have advantages in SEO. Because i do not want to lose my sales and the link like bring a tiger in to the chicken cage which provide your traffic extra choice and made comparison. Exchange link also do need smart, got traffic but no conversion rate is no use. exchange to dofollow link only.
I would like to run two websites as a competitors of each other, It will create win-win situation for me. How is that? "Just I would have to take double effort for the SEO of both."
Good idea to create competitors but I guess it is not that great....

As you are in hosting industry I have seen many people like justhost and ipage looks for me to own by same person or group, similarly bluehost and hostmonster also looks to be oen by same person or group.... So may be it is good idea.....
The word competitor mean there are same company offers same/similar products/services who might threaten our business revenue. Why do we exchange the link with our competitors? Just for the sake of search engine optimization? I suppose we can have Google Adwords to optimize search engine ranking, right?
Nice tips! It is not easy to get a good link partner. while it is a nice way to make the links to gain your page rank value!