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ConnectHost hacked!

We are working on this. Our management company blames it on being permissions set to 777. We have a security expert looking at the server at the moment.

@ OP: I suggest you contact us if you have problems.

It's such a shame this has happened, it MIGHT be worth reporting that website as they have basically admitted hacking many sites?
It's not the site that did it, that site is a reporting site that reports attacked sites. It's an IT site that verifies digital attacks.

They're like the news.

At least, that's what it looks like.
Perhaps they have crawlers? Or people that report it, or maybe the hackers like to brag themselves. Multiple possibilities.
They're reported. What you should say is, since they know WHO did it (as in username), they should have legal action taken agaisn't them. Afterall, how many 'hackers' have their emails on their work?
Many do, usually fake though. They don't know "who" did it, they just have a username because all hacked sites the hacker leaves a username. You guys are really thick, the site is to just provide information of hacked sites that's it.
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Sorry, I kind of put it in the wrong context.

It was an account under your reseller which was the hacker ;)
This is a simple RFI attack...I used to use these all the time. I've never met this hacking group before, but this type of attack is easiest to use on hosting sites. The best way to stop these (which are scripts written in PHP), would be to set perms to 644, tho they could still get root and chmod it back.
You have to say it was ingenious...a couple of years ago I would've laughed. :)
A common attack by hackers would be to deface sites with their logo or site, another is to upload rootkits, or view/change source code. Luckily these guys weren't that great or they could've gotten root. The reason only one server was attacked was because this guy/group uploaded a web shell which allows them access to every directory in the server (unless it's chmodded to 444, which means no access at all).
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This is going to cost me alot...

I have lost alot of clients because of this and I may be thinking about leaving the hosting business after what just happened.

Can anything get better at NetX?
Thats what happens when you host with a provider that allows free hosts
and the free host use animated systems to create accounts, So they have very limited control over who has accounts on the server.

If I wanted a reseller for a paid host I would check the providers TOS to make sure they are exlucing free accounts from being on the server all together IMO.

Free + paid dont mix.

Im not trying to attack anyone, Just saying if you wanna sell resellers to free hosts its best to have them on a differnt server
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