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Do I need WHMCS

Discussion in 'Web hosting discussion' started by AnnaYung, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. AnnaYung

    AnnaYung New Member


    I am just about to start out in web hosting with a reseller account. I would like to know if I need WHMCS for billing friends? If I don't need it for my current situation how do I set up payment to host websites for friends?

  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    A billing system is most definitely recommended. There are others out there besides WHMCS, but that is certainly one of the most widely used.

    If it's just friends, you could always just use PayPal, and setup payment links that way. If you are hosting more than just friends though, that is going to look cheap, unprofessional, and nobody will use you. :)
  3. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    If you are hosting a web hosting business you will require WHMCS for billing system and also maintaining your servers. WHMCS is the most recommended billing system for hosting industry.
  4. joshua87

    joshua87 VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Premium Member

    As others have stated, WHMCS is heavily favored among web hosting providers. Alternatives to WHMCS include Blesta and HostBill.

    SKISLAL Member

    It is a life saver. Does so many work for you. FOllow invoices, suspend or unsuspend accounts, send marketing mails and announcements, act as a support system etc. WHMCS or a similar software is a must have imho
  6. HostWinds_Jesse

    HostWinds_Jesse New Member

    Everyone will usually suggest WHMCS, I would recommend you have a look at BoxBilling. They are like WHMCS in the respect that they do the same thing. BoxBilling is much less expensive than WHMCS. It actually has a free license you can use. Although you cannot remove branding until you buy a license. However a license is only like $8 a month.
  7. Leasedlayer

    Leasedlayer Member

    WHMCS panel is must for your reseller account . Now a days you will get Free WHMCS panel access and cPanel access with reseller hosting plan.
  8. TO.oL

    TO.oL New Member

    If you just want to offer hosting to a couple of friends, you can just use PayPal invoices. If it's for more people, then consider a billing system. There isn't only WHMCS, but also Blesta and BoxBilling which are both good as well. Good luck!
  9. OffshoreDedicated

    OffshoreDedicated New Member

    WHMCS is widely used system for this purpose.
    It is the best possible software for billing as well as support purposes.

    But in case you dont have the budget for it, then you may try boxbilling (name is something like that), its free.
  10. VPS9

    VPS9 Member

    You can also check out Blesta, as it provides better features when it comes to billing.
  11. You will definitely require the WHM panel for reseller account.By using this, the customers can create their own cPanels into it. They will get the authority to sell it to others by their own.

    web hosting
  12. You need a billing platform if getting started with web hosting business, to maintain your client's billing records. WHMCS is the most preferred billing system, but you can also check out other billing systems like Blesta, TheHostingTool, Boxbilling, and more.
  13. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    The Hosting Tool and Boxbilling are both no longer supported for a while.
  14. Cloudcone

    Cloudcone New Member


    Yes, a billing system is very important for a hosting business. WHMCS is a great billing platform. And there are many other such platforms like HostBill and BILLmanager.

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