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Gun that fires 16 THOUSAND rounds a SECOND!!!

Wow...that is almost sickening that people are that into making machines to kill people so much faster and efficiently. I guess blowing chunks of countries off isn't enough, now we can blow people into thousands of pieces while we are blowing off land chunks...
That thing scares the poop out of me!
And I thought the next generation of weaponry would be laser fire...
This is one hell of a scary world we live in!
Thats pretty damn extreme dont you think? Lets really hope that doesnt get put into the wrong hands, the results would be terrible! :(
Leriss said:
Al Qaeda and North Korea you mean?
Leriss... I agree, but America would give a worser fate if they had the gun. they have the money and resources to develope the gun and kill more innocent people in Iraq/Afghanistan!!
Leriss said:
Al Qaeda and North Korea you mean?
I wouldn't give this weapon to anyone.

imagine this at an angle of 45 degrees and filled with mortar rounds... You have a city... you fire the weapon... the city is gone... isn't it simple

At least George W. Bush isn't in the top 20 sharehoders. Thats a good news

Bad news: US army is everywhere
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Since we are creating such weapons, we should at least research more on how to defend the u.s. getting shot by there own weapons (because of it getting stolen) so we can protect ourselves
I don't see why people are worried about this type of weaponry.

I don't know about you guys, but if I were to choose a gun to kill someone, I'd pick something that allowed me to move around, and shoot for more than 5 seconds without needing a box of ammunition strapped to my back ;)