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Have you ever think of store your datas in the cloud rather than in hardisk?


New Member
How frequent do you backup your files and data in your PC?

All the while we using pendrive and hardrive to backup our files and data.
How about think of backup your data and files in cloud ?
Will you consider it ? Is it secure enough ? or it might be too costly?
I do store some files in the cloud, but only those that I need to access a lot from different devices.
You can always use dropbox or box.com for additional data storage and download whenever you want.

It is better to have a external hard drive to store all the data.

For pc protection, you can always use antivirus such as Avg or norton as well as malware bytes software.
USB and mail services are another ways of storing data as a backup. So its so important for travelling data and best storage.
Personally, I use Google Drive for everything and it works wonderfully and extremely cheap.

They have an app for your pc, your cell phone and web access....they all sync together. If you install their app on multiple systems all systems will have a copy of the same data along with it being in the Google "cloud".

Simple, cheap, secure, cost effective, easy as hell....what more could you ask for.
I am very paranoid when it comes to my sensitive information so storing it in the cloud would be a nightmare for me, flash drivers are unbeatable for that. As for documents which could come useful anywhere docs.google.com is UNBEATABLE and since I starter using that I have uploading all of my files and started using their document editor instead! Won't look back ever again.
yes, I do store my important data online at couple of places.

1. Comodo Backup that offers 10 GB of free online backup space.
2. Cyphertite that gives you 8 GB of backup space for free.
I use both my hard drive and Google drive. Google drive works great especially in synchronization with other devises.