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hosting free hidden fees

They are want your money.

Most reliable so far is space socket. True free hosting, it's a give and take type. No payment needed
What hidden fees?

Some would be tough to excuse, for example, a fee for setting up a second FTP account.

Some would be completely understandable, like if you wanted a domain name or SSL certificate.
Why do most free hosting company falsely advertise, when they have hidden fees?

To what kinds of hidden fees are you referring? A true free host is free and would not have any hidden charges. Are you referring to upgrades?
I don't think I've ever seen a free host with hidden fees and don't think I've used one that requires credit card.
As a free hosting provider myself, no I would never dream of charging for an ftp account,etc.

Just free honest to goodness hosting.

However, I do charge for dedicated IPs, WordPress Installation, domain registration, etc.
There are plenty of ways for free webhosting providers to earn money similar to how open source projects can earn money. It isn't easy as your primary method of earning is given away for free, but with some creativity you can find a legitimate way. Some providers charge setup fees or similar small up front fees to keep out abuse. They use this as a way to keep out people who only want to abuse the service.
I'd agree the best thing to do is look at the freehosters currently advertising in the free hosting ads section of the forum, if there are hidden fee's then you can always post this as a reply to their ad if they do not state it to help others...
(Talk about a necropost. First post was made over a year before the second one, but since then its not that old.)

If someone is advertising free hosting, there shouldn't be any fees for the package as-advertised.

Adding onto that plan, like a domain name or dedicated IP usually isn't included in a typical free plan, and since it can be costly for a host to provide such they usually charge you for it. But at that point its not free hosting anymore, because you've been asked to pay for a feature.

And even at that, some hosts will throw in the extras free as well if they see that you're making good use of them and will make it worth their while. Just two days ago I bought a domain name for a customer that is turning quite a bit of traffic, the ad revenue in the past couple months more than pays back what I spent registering it on their behalf.