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Jewlzk.com Gone?

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Good to hear that Jewlzk is still around, hope everything gets straighten out.

Though I was hoping for a more eventful story line...Such as Joe running the company into the ground.
Very nice to see you back here Roland, you always seemed to be a great host, but you really gave us a shock, Glad to hear things are going okay again :).

Well....things are not always as they seem. Its always going to lean more to the extreme side of things when your competitors are the ones telling the story ;)
LOL! That was the funniest picture I had just imagined in a while.. Poor roland man, hunched over his steering wheel doing 90 down the freeway with the cops behind him and servers clinking in the trunk. /chuckle
Attention mods: please let this post be approved. This is my only way of contacting Roland as he's not on his company's forums and you keep rejecting all my posts, even though they're warranted. I just want my site back up, and I want to ask this one question:

Anyway, Roland, do you have an ETA of when OP will be up?
You know I would have gone str8t to your place Trevor. ;)

And setup a basement DC at trevors place :lol::lol: Oh i come back to fws and find this thread, for a second i was like what is happening to all good known hosts suddenly disappearing, seems like that was not the case here.

Good luck Jewlzk , need some spare space to dump data? i got my server but it can only hold upto 200 gig of data :lol:. Now that i think of it , i think i am just happy with running 1 server, and not having to have the extra headaches associated with multiple servers :lol:

:wave: Jewlzk
Its good to see you didnt run away
I dont really think Moving all your servers without any warning to clients is very good managment, No matter how bad the network was, You did it the wrong way and left your self wide open to everyone saying things like "Your running from the police" ect.
However, it is good to see that people havnt lost the servers/data.
Hopfully you will learn from your mistakes and become stronger,
Good luck mate.

There are reasons for everything I am still working to make sure everything is back up to normal. Once that is done I will be posting as to why, situation etc.
JewlzK, great to see you back online. I do wish the best for you and your organization on this important move that you of course felt necessary for the positive track of your team.

We're happy to see your customers begin to back you up as well. That shows good leadership skills and taking care of your customers, something you have always, always been well known for.

About your DC posting emails and information such as this, as I mentioned previously, that is very unprofessional and violates certain laws. I would deal with that as well. Those actions dont even seem like the actions of a datacenter, and you should make sure to take care of that.

Good luck and God Bless,
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