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KwiX Host?


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Can anyone from KwiX or here just confirm KwiX is down and if it's coming back up?

Well, it ain't working here and I ain't heard anything about what has happened with KwiX host.
All gravy. Thanks for the response guys.
@Schmarvin: I left ages ago. I can't physcially get in the server.
Nah, I used to be the owner/founder. I stopped a while back, never got round to changing my avatar.
Why are u not in kwix anymore? I remember using btz-360 host then kwix you owned btz-360 right, too?
Why are u not in kwix anymore? I remember using btz-360 host then kwix you owned btz-360 right, too?
I left because I didn't have the time, now, I don't want to go back into it. They're doing fine as they are.

I did.
They most likely are. I had a phone call asking about funds, so I'm guessing they got unplugged.

On behalf of KwiX Host, I'm sorry to everyone, if anybody, is effected.
WHAT? I had got a backup setup, and was just about to download it. But before I could, the site went offline. If they were having trouble with funds, they could have at least told members about this. So they don't sit there, thinking their site is fine. When it really isn't for the last few weeks.

Can someone from Kwix-Host, update people on this situation.
Your data would be safe, most likely. I don't know the DC they're in but most DC's just disable the server, and give about a week or something to pay the bill, if there isn't one, then it's wiped and resold to another customer. So give them time to work it out.

I think Kwix does external backups anyway?
They don't do external backups no, and no one from actual KwiX Host will respond. I would ring up Aaron, but then again lost his number.

Honestly, they was overdue, if they didn't tell their members it was very poor of them. Sorry I didn't run in then.