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More than half a million posts


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Since October 2000 we have posted more than 500,000 posts to this forum. :applaudin

(As some of you remember we had a forum already back in late 1997 I beleive, but we moved to this new software in 2000.)

In honor of the half million post mark...

1. What was your first post on this forum?
2. What is your favourite thread of all time?
3. Predict the date we will reach 1 million posts?
:rolleyes: yet another useless post count thread :rolleyes:



first time to ever use that (for me at least) :bandit2: :cool2: :eek:


First post: http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?p=53907#post53907 - but i'm sure i've posted before that .___.

Favourite thread: Any idiot getting banned is my favourite.

Millionth post prediction: Long ago, in a galaxy far far away.
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My First Post - Ugh don't remind me of those days!

Favourite Thread - Any involving big debates, especially political, and a certain banned spanish member :p

Millionth Post - 15th September 2007
First Post - http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=48471 - Nothing special...just asking for hosting from someone who never gave it to me...oh well. hehe

Favorite Thread - http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=57676&page=2&pp=15 - I found it humorous...I'm still trying to figure out why it was so humorous, but I guess I just thought it was funny.

1 x 10^6th Post - I'm gonna go on the pessimistic side and just say never. Though I could also predict it to be somewhere around 2007ish...

I've been here for just about a year now...Yay...I guess I only recently started coming here almost everyday. I first just used it to find a host, and once I found one (Y-Host), I just went to their forums instead of this one. When they died, I came back, looking for another host. I found an offer by Pixelhosting that I thought was pretty good, and I've been there ever since. I don't know why I came back, but I did, and I usually read threads here everyday (though I don't post a whole lot).

By the way, notnamed - December 9th, 2007 would be my 20th birthday. That make's me feel special that someone guessed my birthday for some random date.
congrats Peo at FWS :D

1st post was when i was first getting into websites and looking for hosting for scripting - http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=36096

Fav post was the one with Peo's famous quote "You are not my friend" :D haha classic moment in FWS history.

and i'd say by 12/2007 we'll have 1mil posts.

Is this a comp Peo, do we win something if we guess right and are still around then? :p
if you're still around by 12/2007 and have been here 1+ years before this post you get a prize.
Blank Verse said:
My first post...and the next several hundred after...are kind of embarrassing :p, but here it is:


My favourite posts include any of the long, ridiculous debates with GC...especially the ones that syd participated in...yeah, she was cool.

A million posts...I'm guessing...April 2007. You know I'll be right :p
Your several "mods please:classic2:" posts in the past are still fresh in my mind...
trenzterra said:
Your several "mods please:classic2:" posts in the past are still fresh in my mind...

Hey, I usually reported those when I said those.

It wasl also "Mods please...thank you" it's all about being polite.