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New Domain Name Registration

I intend to register a few domain names but I have nothing to do with the domain. Register the domain name because the name is nice and still available for registration. May I know if you practice this? I mean register the domain names but do nothing on these domains?
If you feel the domain has value, go for it. Somebody might be willing to pay more down the road to take it off your hands if they want it and realize it's already been registered.
I hate it when people do that. On the one hand I understand this is a business opportunity .... depending on the name, but is it really good to have people collecting domain names? I think there should be a rule about a domain being used within X number of hours, or else it can be up for grabs for the next person who wants the name, so that that would force people to develop the domain or let it go.
It's just like anything else. If you have the capital available to buy them in bulk, there's nothing that says you can't. Same way, you can go to lowes and buy every single lawn mower they have in stock. Is it fair to the other customers who happen to want one? Maybe not, but it's business.
Reselling of domain names like it is suggested above might bring good profits. Namepros forum if full of people doing this for their living.
i won't buy any domain name if i do nothing with that. But i'm sure you bought it because a nice domain. I'm sure you know the value of the nice domain.
You can buy those domain and resell it for higher prices. Keep those domain do have keywords .
I would say, there is only 1 Exabytes staff here.
But I would say, there might be a lot of Exabytes haters here.
I believe some of those accounts, are already inactive.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Those who are currently active at here, which we can see, are from the customer service department.
Exabytes are based in Malaysia, and they are currently dominating the Malaysia web hosting market.

Most Malaysian have their 1st hosting or domain name via them, due to they have a lot of advertisement around the whole country.
But they do have something more famous, which is, they host 600-1000 cPanel accounts each server, which you can see from the link below:
Scroll down and expand the "Hosting Account Features"
And that part, make them more famous among their user/ex-users.

If my post is considered as attacking another host, I am sorry for that.
I am just expressing my dissatisfaction on them, while I subscribed their service for a few of my clients last time, before I stared my own web hosting services.
I think that if you like the name and can register that - do that. In any way you may consider that as a kind of investment.
There are a lot of domain squatters nowadays.
These people usually sell the domains with very high price, and if people can't afford to buy the domain from them, the domain still remain wasted.
Not only squatters make trouble. many people become rich due to speculations. AS I look at the specialized forums I may see who gets all the tasty domains as soon as they are becoming available