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Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

Jan decided to censor me and remove my right to free speech. God, I love America.Reminds me of: Let's make a bill that allows us to literally do WHATEVER we want, even if it against the law. (Referring to the Patriot act)

I'm waiting for a nazi moderator to say 'If you don't like it, there's the door"

a) This isn't America
b) You're not even living in America
c) Only 1 Moderator is American (IIRC)
d) "Freedom of Speech" isn't as "Free" as you suggest, you can't just literally say what you like
e) If you don't like it, there's the door.
Oh no you didn't, Mentos. In case you didn't know delicious candy, free speech exists in Canada and Australia too!

This isn't Canada, Australia, or America. This is Peo's private website on the internet. He, and whoever he appoints to moderate it, can delete anything off of it they want. Or break any of their own rules that they want. Do you seriously even care? I think you need to get some fresh air.
lolz, Remove his right to free speech (&b)

Its kinda funneh seeing all the damage from Wii
Seems like you have some paying back to do, or you could just sue nintendozer
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Honestly, guys. Are people coating their wiimotes in vaseline and blindfolding themselves before playing.

I don't understand how that much damage could be caused otherwise.
Oh, I'm paying for it. I did the damage. First thing I said was "How Much?"

Glad you guys are enjoying my idiocy :) We're laughing about it now, too! :p

Wanna come over and break my LCD TV? Been wanting a new one :beer::lol:
I had a friend who bought a Wii last name and told them not to do this to their new 50-something inch. Then I logon today and see another example of a big broken LCD.

Ouch. At least you can laugh about it tho!
Take it back to Store and tell them you just took it out of box and the screen is cracked you might get lucky since it was only purchased not 2 long ago..
Wii's are only dangerous in the hands of people who swing like a nut.

My brother broke my Wii remote on his foot when we did bowling. He since then has replaced the remote and I've disconnected the Wii and plugged in the xBox 360 for some quality Halo Time.