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Rajhosting.com hosting?

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Let me say if Peo or jan want to have some thread as ideal of violation of rule, then this has to be the one.

No host is allowed to post bad about other host, oh really is this whats happening here ?

See it for yourself......


The sole purpose of person starting thread here was to caution or defame a host from where he got paid service. Before taking the service, it was his responsibility to make sure his decision is right. I would make him equal at fault if he suffered because of overselling, which does not seem to be.
But I guess other hosts saw this as opportunity to present themselves elated and may be catch some new paid customers.

Unethical practise, more so when you curse rajuthan for irrational plans.
I won't name any of you host, but have you really seen or have any evidence of how he manages those wild plans ? And evenif you have or know, its NONE of your business. rajuthan never asked for advise here to start in first case. and besides if he has irrational plans, then let him learn it. If you people had good intentions, then there was a system called PM, which could have been used to guide him. But occassion was enjoyed by all others who portray themselves as superiors with too little ethical sense. Yes, it reflects in type of posts made here.
Its like you were loosing custoemrs to his wild plans and may be now you got opportunity and all came with their sticks to hit him hard.

MIND your own hosting would you, let customers handle them. Just shows envy and jealousy. Its not good competitive spirit except shown by one of the hosts here.

Now any of you feel angry or so, feel so. But you people should not have jumped to say bad about him in first place and then guiding him to change plans and all.

Now rajuthan, I am surprised how successful business you really have. Plans whatever I never bothered to comment after I saw the extent you were offering. If you really run a business, stop acting on what others who portray thmselves as biggie say. They have reflected their jealousy and lack of competitive spirit here. Do, what you feel is good for your business. You are running business with your budget and resources and for yourself. So, just don't let others control or guide how you run it.

And member who started it, should have resolved this with host rather than using freewebspace as platform to curse and bring others to pelt stones.
You paid fine but you made that decision yourself. You never used freewebspace forum to invite comments about rajuthan or his hosting before maknig your mind. And if ther eis a problem, sort it with person you paid and at his place.

Let peace prevail and everyone just let customer and host decide it amongst themselves.

Lets behave like mature people and not like kids who group along to beat their opponent.


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