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Rajhosting.com hosting?

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Rajhosting really makes me uncomfortable, look at the plans they are overselling by tonnes! and for that type of hosting you know what you got coming... try another host!
i dont really trust on the ultra plan.
19 bucks and u get almost 1 dedi box bandwitdh, 1000gb bandwitdh, thats alot and 70GB space ?
velton said:
i dont really trust on the ultra plan.
19 bucks and u get almost 1 dedi box bandwitdh, 1000gb bandwitdh, thats alot and 70GB space ?

Indeed, if I was to use this (which I could) they would be down within the day or 99% they would suspend you saying you have used too much even tho you have loads left. Just a scam, you see 1000GB & you think wowowowow, this is even worse than the unlimited scam.
Whenever I see a host that doesn't offer resellers I automatically asume they're resellers themselves, just like this one.

/edit: yes I know a reseller can give resellers. :/
Hey rajuthan all your packages doesn't seem to be realistic anybody can guess that you are overselling your services. If you want to be alive here and in this business then offer some realistic packages to your clients.

Good Luck :)
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I will tell all people,I used his hosting only about 15days,create about 10 account,but all accounts is starter,total uesed BW about 1G,SPACE about 100M,overselling???
The prices are just not real. $5 for 20gb space and 500gb bw, thats insane:whatthe:
In all due respect. You can not in any possible way expect that a "hosting" provider with plans like that to be a great host. Just one example that should throw EVERYONE away from there is on the contact page....the email address is listed as

E-Mail: rajuthan@gmail.com

I can not feel sorry for people that go to hosting firms such as the one you have mentioned.
This provider will definitely shut down sometime soon. I'd file a paypal dispute or chargeback, paypal usually sides with the buyer if it's an easy case. There could be hosts like this that are good, say they won the lottery and want to waste money. :p
I believe that they have already shut down once for some reason (prob. because they were overselling by approx. 800% on free accounts; there was another thread on that awhile ago).

Would not recommend.
I don't think anyone but the owner, who is *probably* some kiddy, will reccomend. :)

*Simply because of the unethical and downright stupid business practices. Also their grammar is pretty bad, and the testimonials seem to be written by the same person.
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Wow, thats alot of space for such little price. Definately overselling by hundreds.

Would never trust a host thats overselling.

Ultra Plan
+ Webspace: Ultimate 70000MB
+ Bandwidth: Ultimate 1000GB
+ Price: $19.95/mo | PayPal Payment Method | Please order through here

More than likely they can not fit more than 2 accounts on this machine if each uses 1000GB bandwidth. Unless they are paying Fortresses $3200.00 per month for 100M un-metered :biggrin2:
I think that they are on a reseller that has large large overselling. Chances are when there reseller provider finds out there doing this it could get them shut down in a heart beat. Not good for a server at all for this much overselling.

IP Address:
Reverse IP: Web server hosts 325 websites

Hmmm, hosted in the GNAX datacenter aswell. I wouldnt trust this host with a bargepole

Offered 2.5TB Bandwidth the other day for $75 :O
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