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Sorry, but have no idea

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by Mika, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Mika

    Mika New Member

    I have a site that for Dec got (data provided by Webalizer) :
    Monthly Totals : Hits : 27949 , Files : 18656 , Pages : 1875 , Visits : 1086 .

    Has this site any hope to get accepted from any advertising network?

    Could someone explainme what the hits number means? Thank you.
  2. Epgs

    Epgs NLC Honorary Member NLC

    yeah, go to cj.com
  3. Mika

    Mika New Member

    Thank you Epgs.

    Could someone explain me what the hits number means? Any other advertising networks that accept this kind of sites (I mean with this traffic)?
  4. Kaliber

    Kaliber Kaliber NLC

    That means how many hits you have, how many pageviews you have had. (I hope :rolleyes:)
  5. NC_TOM

    NC_TOM I can get u banned.

    Ok.. hits are files loaded off your site.

    For example, if you have 1 page with 9 images, that counts as 10 hits.

    An impression is the same thing as a page view. If you have 1 page with 9 images, it counts as 1 impression.

    A visitor is a person that comes to the site. If someone comes and visits 5 pages of your site, then you have 5 impressions and 1 visitor.
  6. Archbob

    Archbob Level 8 Chinese Guy NLC

  7. Mika

    Mika New Member

    Thank you guys.
  8. Kaumil

    Kaumil New Member

    Many ad networks can use your traffic! Use wisely and you should be fine :)

    Good luck!

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