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Teleportation device thingy

Teleportation device?

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W as in Whisky
So, question of the day :p

According to you, will the world ever see some teleportation device thing that will allow us to move great distances in a mater of seconds?


serial slacker
There was actually some article about a principal like this. It was do with (i think) Quantam mechanics. Ill try find it :p


Sup, Recoil here.
You'd probably have to rip time... which'd mean a time machine would be invented along the same era, and seeing as nobody's come back in a time machine to tell us about it that probably will never exist, thus I deduce that there will never be a teleportation device.


serial slacker
Tandoc, They have apparently created a new method more recently, ill see if i can find it somewhere, it wasnt at anything like the human stage - but it looked to have potential


Super Moderator#1
I saw an article on Digg a while back... it said they already have teleported objects from one island to another.... so I'm guessing probably they will!


New Member
From what I read of the wikipedia article. I don't believe it will ever happen with humans since the only way they can think of making it work is to destroy the original at the beginning destination and create a copy in the end destination. This would be the same as cloning a human which has already been deemed illegal in the international community. It also brings up the argument of murder since the original ceases to exist. I can see it happen for medicine and food though. Sounds like the possibilities would be limitless with physical objects.


Wo ist mein handy
Not in this millennium. Unfortunately the human race won't last long enough to see a teleportation device. I hope the next batch of humans will be able to solve it faster than us.


New Member
Well, I hope they won't !
Because almost all good inventions are also used for less friendly activities.

Don't you think they would teleport bombs etc, into enemy area ?
What if things go really wrong.

I don't think this is THE invention we are waiting for (except when it is used for good things only, but that never happens)

What do you think ?

Kind regards,


Devious Deviant
I don't think teleportation of humans will ever be possible.

At least not in a billion years.


I recon it is possible - however it involves "Scanning" the body, replicating it elsewhere - an destroying the original body, Which pretty much null and voids all religion. (If we can can be replicated thru science; we have no "souls", (which we don't ofcourse.. were all just a bunch of atoms))


stop staring
untill we can identify exactly how everything works, we cannot do that, we are so far from understanding the human brain, so far, it's not that likely that we will ever be confident enough to say that we know everything about it, we're far more likely to learn of a far safer, more sensible way of transporting us around ....

the argument for objects is totally different, in most cases we have nothing really to loose, it would be a fantastic way of transporting objects that would normally cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to transport, such as aid to the third world, and supplies to areas in conflict etc .....

we should persue the technology, the chances of it being used on a human are very slim .....


Jay Street
i believe we will be able to. maybe not in this lifetime, but, never know. think about all the amazing things that have been invented just in your own lifetime. ----, when my grandma was a child, cars were just being invented, and planes too, so, who knows. now, some Asian made a real clocking blanket thing, so, i am confident that someone will get it to work some day.