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The difference between SSD and HDD on server.

Discussion in 'Web hosting discussion' started by Edison Thomas, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Edison Thomas

    Edison Thomas New Member

    1.Reading and writing speed
    SSD read speed can reach 400M / s, writing speed up to 130M / s or more, and the Speed of server is 3-5 times than HDD.
    2.Seismic capacity
    Seismic capacity HHD of is poor due to HHD high-speed operation of the internal hard disk heads.It is generally a mechanical hard drive or electrical shock if it is used in sports, it is easy to damage the hard disk.But SSD storage solutions use chip inside without heads,so it is superior seismic capacity.Even with the movement or vibration , and not easily damaged.
    Generally speaking,The price of SSD is higher than HHD.
    4.data recovery
    After deleting the data on SSD ,you can not recover them by data recovery software.while HHD can be identified by general professional data recovery software to retrieve.

    I am Edison Thomas.
  2. MechanicWeb-shoss

    MechanicWeb-shoss New Member

    Well, if you are using RAID 10 with a data backup strategy in force, then data recovery is no longer a problem. besides, recovering data from SSD is not as it was in early days. It is quite possible when needed.
  3. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Traditional hard drives use disks for storing data whereas SSDs use micro chips to read and store data. This makes SSDs faster and more reliable compared to normal hard drives.
  4. storminternet

    storminternet Member

    The major difference between HDD and SSD is price. HDD is less expensive as compare to SSD and thus if you can afford to have SSD
    on servers then you will experience better improvement especially when you are using it for virtualization.

    SKISLAL Member

    The thing is, many web hosting providers will limit the disk usage of a shared hosting account. Even thought there is SSD on the server, a cpanel shared user may not get the best of it because there will be limits. So it is mostly a marketing thing.
  6. neenathomas

    neenathomas New Member

    HDD- Hard Disk Drive and SSD- Solid State Drive both do the same job ie; boot the system, store the application, store the personal files etc. But both of it has its own unique features such as price. SSD is more expansive than HDD. Difference in the storage capacity. Availability is one of the main difference HDD are more plentiful while SSD are rare.
  7. thewebhostingdir

    thewebhostingdir Member b&

    SSD takes around 35 to 100 μs to access the data compared to 5,000 to 10,000 μs to access the data and hence it is nearly 100x faster.
    The HDD has moving parts and magnetic platters whereas SSD has no moving parts. Average File Write/Copy Speed of SSD drives is 200 MB/s to 500 MB/s whereas HDD has speed of 50 MB/s to 120 MB/s.
  8. learn2do

    learn2do New Member

    The price should be the biggest problem before you make the decision, SDD is so expensive. For me, when a host doesn't have to bear a huge amount of data, there's nothing different between HDD and SDD.
  9. CarolGeorge

    CarolGeorge New Member

    The traditional spinning hard drive (HDD) is the basic nonvolatile storage on a computer.An SSD does much the same job functionally (e.g., saving your data while the system is off, booting your system, etc.)
  10. satishjoshi

    satishjoshi Member

    Thanks for sharing information regrading SSD and HDD on server.
  11. Edison Thomas

    Edison Thomas New Member

    hope it is useful for you.
  12. satishjoshi

    satishjoshi Member


    Yes.. Its really nice information you are sharing. Its help for me and others too.
    Thank you once again.
  13. Ctrlswitches

    Ctrlswitches New Member

    SSD is better than HDD in many aspects like capacity,access time and more.
  14. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Better in terms of capacity? Do explain.
  15. SSD is one of the most well-known alternatives to an HDD.Solid state drives are sturdy, blazing fast, and also quite expensive.SSD has advantage of solid-state memory in order to store as much data as possible and SSD performance is faster and reliable than HDD.
  16. VPS9

    VPS9 Member

    SSD's are truly better than HDD in many aspects like speed - HDD's need a long time to access data and files because the disk must spin to find it, SSD's are up to 100 times faster since data can be accessed instantly.Similarly SSD's have better storage capacity,less noise ,more durable than HDD.
  17. Mia edwards

    Mia edwards New Member

    But if we compare the performance then SSD is much better than HDD server.
  18. ntjedge

    ntjedge New Member

    +Blazing Fast
    +Perfect for running query heavy/concurrent connections
    +Low power consumption
    +Long Life
    -Different and sometimes debatable Quality Levels (Samsung/Intel/etc.)

    +Good for Storage
    +Large Storage capacity
    +Cheap (cost per GB)
    +HDD Standards are pretty well established and benchmarked
    -Comparatively Unreliable
    -Susceptible to Data loss
  19. Shinjiru

    Shinjiru New Member

    This is very helpful. Thanks for the sharing!
  20. EqServers

    EqServers New Member

    If you need lots of storage capacity, want to spend enough money, get a hard drive then HDD will be best. Whereas, if you don't mind getting limited storage then SSD will be best.
  21. manohar parakh

    manohar parakh New Member

    SSDs are also lighter than the average SATA drive which makes it a great choice for a laptop drive. The only drawback to buying an SSD is cost, as these are pricey hard drives. You can look at spending around $1.00 per GB of storage, which can be about 7 to 8 times more expensive than a SATA drive.
  22. Joshe9

    Joshe9 New Member

    Thanks to the solid state drives my website's speed improved significantly, It's awesome :)

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