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What was your first free web host?

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When were they offering free hosting?

Back in 2000 or so they were, with a largish frame or banner at the top.
I remember a member of one my then roleplaying groups set us up a forum there for a few months when the ones we were using at the Interplay website were so badly neglected we had to move.

Though he had to go pay after a while if remember right.

But I've just looked and they seem to have gone back to offering a form of free hosting :
Mine was Angelfire.com

They were quite good. (Offered Front Page Extensions) So you didn't have to use their slow crappy web panel.
I started off with Wizardhost (I think?) at age 8 to make a fansite for Runescape Classic. Then when I learned more about web design I went from Freewebs to Tripod to Geocities. At ages 12-14, I moved on to a real free webhosting.

My old site can still be seen just by googling my username. I would like to thanks my dad for inspiring me to design a website.
I dont even remember. Y sites first and only host is 110mb, but i went through 20 free subdomains before i found a stable host.

The first free hosting service I ever used was GeoCities. At the time, it was really good.
My first good free host was psisco.com. Little outfit in CZ used to have the cheapest prices in town until they were bought out by an American company. Somebody came along and hackered my forum to pieces and I left them for paid service.
Ever since I was little I wanted a website of my own. I think my first was expage (site's still there because they don't delete), and I also had a couple of low-membership MSN groups back when they were called communities (really long ago). I've tried Xetaspace, AstaHost, EasyHost4all, and yahoo geocities (sucked).
My first freehost was Tripod but I've already used Lycos(uk),Lycos(de),MiArroba,RedServicio,CompleteFreeHost,ByetHost,and FreeWebHostingArea. Now I use Joolo and 100WebSpace.
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