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What was your first free web host?

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e 10 h o s t

i thought it was the best host because they offered 10G and 100G for free,

but now it seems ridiculous to me..

after a while i realised they used nulled IPB and warez skins (so obvious, they skin copyright linked to a warez site LOL )
I had Geocites way way back when they had enchanted forests, sunset strips, cottages, lol and then I also tried homestead.
Hmm, can't really remember which it was.

Must have been Xoom (went byebye after a few months), or Geocities (when the ability to FTP went byebye so did I), then a bit later free.fr (still have an active account there).

Probably still have a multimania - lycos and an ifrance.com accounts from back then too, but free.fr just owned them big time in features, speed and everything, with no ads too.
I remember Xoom....that was a short lived portal during the dot com boom. For some reason I thought they were going to stick around.
I vaugley remember getting an email from them saying something about servers, Then just dying...
My first hosts were Xoom and GeoCities... Fortunecity was good too, that was back in the mid-90's...

does anyone know dommox?

they gave me two free domains and a 'unlimited' hosting package.

i know for a fact taht the owner is very rich XD
I think, first free host , with me, it 's freewebs.com, when at this website no ads.
And, good free hosting used : maybe, it' s club69.net ( free adult host). We ( i and admin ) are friends, but... that server died !!! >.<
Are you sure is wasn't a typo? It doesn't make sense what your saying. You said in your other post that, tripod.co.uk "offered" php as in they used to give that as a feature and now it's gone.
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