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Which is Good for SEO ?

Depends on what you want. Blogger is quite versatile these days as there are many options for nice designs. But if you want more dynamic design and bells and whistles Wordpress would be better. You'd also have to get Website space and a host for hosting a Wordpress Website, whereas with blogger all you have to do is create a log-in.
I would recommend you wordpress. It's free , easy to use and almost all webhosting provider has this software in their list. :cool2:
Wordpress help you easy setup SEO address, SEO contents and you can find many useful plugins while you can't fully customize with Blogger. :fangel:
I prefer Wordpress. I find the interface and the system is more user-friendly. At least, I can change the design that I want.

As at Blogspot, I hardly alter the design. Moreover, the page display very long if I have a long article or more than 1 article posted on. My article seems very hard to categorize and it looks messy.

This is only my 2 cents :)
Wordpress and Blogger both are good blogging technique and SEO friendly and easy to customize, whether you create blog with Wordpress or Blogger the main thing is regularly update your blog with informative and unique content.
I haven't had issues with Wordpress and believe me, I review/manage affiliate and monetized blogs on a daily basis. I personally had better results with wordpress than blogger. There are of course additional things that need to be done in order to maximize your SEO.
I will said wordpress !!!!!
With the rich of SEO plugin in wordpress and those feature allow you to manage your onsite SEO easily and track your SEO .
If you talk SEO friendly blog. I suggest you wordpress blog opportunity because everyone easily manage anything like posts, pages, plugins etc.
In my opinion for beginners, you should go to Blog Spot. After that come into wordpress. No doubt,
wordpress is good for bloggers it has a user and seo friendly plugins.
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I would you recomaned to word press. Word press is the best, I think. My idea is for you go word press only.
It depends on how you configure your website. I would go with WordPress if I was you though. Good luck!