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Which web browser do you use?

Which web browser do you use?

  • Internet Explorer

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • Firefox

    Votes: 20 69.0%
  • Chrome

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 13.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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I use Firefox and IE. I use Firefox for the majority of my web browsing as it is fast, doesn't crash a lot, and has a wide range of add-ons. I only use IE now and then for when a site I am using doesn't support firefox. My college for one is not FF friendly so I have to use IE to browse their site.
I use Pale Moon. A Much Faster Firefox Clone.

I like Firefox in general, so I will try out this Pale Moon copy now to see how it goes for me.

Edit: This is looking promising! The official FF builds are doing something on my home machine wth a garbage collection that takes almost 20 seconds when I close it. I always felt the whole "FF is bloated switch to ____ " arguments were on the wrong track. Why not just strip down Firefox!?

On a larger level I believe this is what needs to happen to a lot of software, but it never looks flashy enough for the big bosses. Go back to the says when code had to really work for its megs of function. So until it gets kicked off the roost, I'm going to give PaleMoon a serious spin!

(Plus, the status bar is back!)
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Tried PaleMoon, wouldn't startup, but did change the default browser without my consent.

So Pale Moon project 0 out of 10.
We are using firefox browser beacuse it's a very nice and easy, Also open easy new tabs for browsing.

i prefer firefox because for me is the best i know to handle all the others one is kinda confuse for me.
I just switched to a pair of Firefox derivatives. (The native build does an annoying garbage collection on my machine.) So I use Pale Moon and CometBird. Not that they have a big edge over each other - but if I have Youtube and Hulu and FWS open, it's nice to have a different taskbar color icon for my page that I am working on.
At work I am forced to used IE8. As for my personal choice and what I use, I have always gravitated to Firefox, but lately I find I probably use Chrome 60% of the time, Firefox 4 25% of the time, and IE9 15% of the time. I definitely notice a speed advantage on Chrome, and that I why it is now my number one choice.
I am using Mozilla Firefox because more adons and more easy to handle this.

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