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Your current browser!

theres no definative way of saying that firefox is more secure than IE. its just theres more known vulnerabilities. same goes for mac os. virus writers design their viruses for windows and IE because they're > 90% of the market. if you wanted to be famous for ruining peoples computing experience would you target 1 out of ten or nine out of ten people?

btw- my computer is set to dual boot suse linux, and i am typing this in firefox. I dont mewan to trash open source software, because it is very good, i just dont like it when people trash mircosoft.
I totally agree... Microsoft might be vulnerable, but if Linux was used by 90% of people, then people would start finding holes in that and exploiting it. M$ didn't get to where they are just by good luck, they have a good product, all be it, a vulnerable product.
however, just because the software is vulnerable, it doesn't mean you have the right to exploit those vulnerabilities.

for example...

let's say a lock smith company is very popular, and every house in the tricounty area has them -- they locks are secure, one cannot easily open them without keys. then a bunch of theives discover that there is an easy way to open the locks, say, with a screwdriver, no more than that. just because the locks are easily opened, it doesn't give them the right to go around opening up people's houses and causing havoc inside, or stealing valuables, etc...

sure, the locksmith is obliged to fix these locks, but you CANNOT say that m$ doesn't try to patch their software (even if it is horrible)

it should also be noted that *nix and things like firefox are patched completely differently to m$ products, in that exploits are fixed usually within 24 hours of them being found - m$ take 2 days at least, and sometimes up to a week after the vulnerability is widely exploited, not when it's actually found - usually.
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I'm disloyal. I like Firefox in a lot of ways, but it crashes far too much when viewing some sites (recent versions that is -- 0.83 was great). So I use Opera (at least when it crashes it reloads everything) and Konqueror (never crashes, but lacks some important plugins) much of the time as well.
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It's more often than not the computer and the state of the OS you're using that's the cause of your ailments...
Yeah, I'm sure Hoth's problem is related to his machine, and not the browser itself.

I run Firefox on 2 Windows XP Home machines, an iBook, and a Sparc, and have no problems with the most recent version of it.