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  1. bozley05

    ideas for a forum/site ? check this out

    IE vs Firefox is lame. It is internet browsers you are talking about, they all do the same thing. If that is what turns you on, go for it... T.M's idea is much better though.
  2. bozley05

    Just a little fun, whats your fav song?.

    The Grates - Lies Are Much More Fun
  3. bozley05

    Slow internet across the pacific??

    Our internet in AUS is so slow already anyway, so I doubt you would notice anything.
  4. bozley05

    free .com for class website...

    Teachers don't have credit cards? Parents? Surely, out of ~30 students, someones parent doesn't believe in the Online CC Number Stealing monster.
  5. bozley05

    free .com for class website...

    Surely you could all get everyone to chuck in 10 cents and register it from www.ipower.com ($2.95)
  6. bozley05

    help me to choose a domain name

    Try http://www.whois.sc/name-spinner/
  7. bozley05

    I need .com with WHOIS protection (11$ Paypal)

    Yep, Namecheap is the best for PayPal/Whois Protection domains.
  8. bozley05

    Holiday Thread

    What on earth is Spring Break all about? I hear the term so often, but have no clue what it is about. Is it the time in America when everyone finishes school, like schoolies week here?
  9. bozley05

    In how many forums are you a member???

    FWS, a couple of Affliliate Marketing forums and my own. I rarely visit forums now though.
  10. bozley05

    1000Gb Resseler i Don't Think

    Nope, never worked in retail. :D
  11. bozley05

    Hi: I want to make site ?

    Only do it if you can offer something unique other directories do not have, there is an overload of so-so hosting directories.
  12. bozley05

    1000Gb Resseler i Don't Think

    Gotta love the policy of the customer is always right :)
  13. bozley05

    Ideas required

    Why don't you create another image hosting site? There isn't enough of them.
  14. bozley05

    1000Gb Resseler i Don't Think

    You can get stuff free by threating to take a company to your local consumer affairs dept. I got a free 256mb USB drive, valued at like $90 at the time, because a computer shop had laptops on their site advertised for $0. So I e-mailed them asking to order one, and told them I saved copies of...
  15. bozley05

    Low-Price Reliable Domain Registrar

    I've noticed iPower are $2.95 atm, with free whois privacy. The only bad thing is the remote Tucows domain control panel, which is pretty poor. Domainsite is a good allround buy at $6.99 if you want reputation and price. GoDaddy is overpriced and use every bit of spare space on the screen...