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    (WHM)FreeResellers.Com - Free Reseller Hosting

    At FreeResellers.Com we have a new, unique approach to the hosting business. We like to help get the little guy started in the web hosting business. We offer zero-overhead solutions for those who want to start their own web hosting company. We require that you send us one third of your...
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    Advertisment Sale

    Oh yeah. I posted that when i thought i was ready. Account creations will be open the 30th. Ads will be up then too. Also I delayed the ads because I have some other advertisers who want me to meet some post quotas before they advertise. I only want to collect payment for / on the 1st of...
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    Advertisment Sale

    I told you in a PM that your ads start on the 30th. I'll get your ads up soon, but you are not paying for any time that your ad is up before the 30th. Chris
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    Advertisment Sale

    PM Sent.
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    Advertisment Sale

    I am sory i havn't updated yet. I was waiting for 1 more PM reply../. Jan, I forgot to get back to you. I still havn't received a reply from Build-a-host. But currently only the header is taken (unless build a host gets back to me). Chris
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    Should we do something about the abuse within the (free) hosting industry ??

    I know I'm beeting a dead horse now... but did you ever get it sorted out Joe?
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    Advertisment Sale

    I am running a special on advertisments for freeresellers.com for our grand reopening on 8-15-08. This special cuts all of the prices in half. As long as you keep paying for advertisments, you keep the same price. This special ends on 8-15-08. Header ads cost $10 (now $5) / mth. They can...
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    Be Aware of myghosting

    I am Christopher Lewis. I own FreeResellers.com. I suspended myghosting.com for a DMCA notice from WHMCS. How dare Catlin drag freeresellers.com's name through this. Catlin's account uses less than 100mb space. All of the accounts on my server don't even take up 20GBs. Chris
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    Limit use of Fantastico

    I tried that, but then I log in as my newly created reseller and can make accounts with fantastico. Chris
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    Limit use of Fantastico

    There is no Fantastico box in the Reseller Center. Chris
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    Limit use of Fantastico

    So If I disabled it for the reseller's package, they would not be allowed to add it to their packages? Thanks, Chris
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    Limit use of Fantastico

    Is there any way to make it so onely Resellers X and Y can give out or "sell" Fantastico, while resellers A, B, and C can't even use it? Thanks Chris
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    Spammers... A new way

    I say we go Scary Movie status on spammers.... go on a global anti-spam fight... being bounty hunters who take down spammers >:-|
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    Request for censorship

    Oh My ----------------------------- WOW! I never thought you had it in you, Jan. Chris
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    Free reseller? will pay back..

    We have a few strict requirements: You MUST have a domain that you or someone else paid for. (NO uni.cc / .co.nz / etc) You MUST NOT live in a country that the US has an active embargo on. You would like our paid hosting only plan. This plan includes unlimited features, overselling enabled...