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    Happy Birthday YUPAPA

    Male Canada Asian
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    question about rackshack

    Equinix, Ashburn, VA. Telehouse East, London UK Telehouse, NJ 55/56Marietta ExchangeColo CN Florida (all 3 million sq.ft of it). Also, Choopa has more bandwidth. RS is not the biggest provider but it is one of the biggest. Rackspace also has lots of servers.
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    Now, i'd actually have to visit this forum more than once per week to post one of these threads, wouldn't I. hmmm :biggrin2:
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    I need Cheap Good hosting

    I will find the offer, I believe I know of a company who offers such a deal. EDIT/ I think it was something like: 5GB of Disk Space 200GB of Monthly YIPES! Data Transfer WHM Reseller $29 per month
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    Cheapest dedicated server

    While doing some beta testing for a well known dedicated server company for VDS kernel set-ups and so on. I was able to push 2MB/s easily 24/7. :p They really loved me doing that as they use InterNAP mainly. :biggrin2: :cool:
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    Cheapest dedicated server

    2000gb can be anything. It depends if you transfer is up/down if you pay for bandwidth on full duplex or half duplex systems or upstream of downstream. How your ethernet card is set-up. What is causing the traffic. What is running. How it's all set-up. What is has to do to transfer...
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    Well, if you wish to get something from an array in php you would do: echo $arrayvar[user2]; So you could do something like $arrayvar = array ( "user2" => "blogger" ); Which could also be called as echo $arrayvar[0];
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    Dedicated Server´s (Companys Offering It)

    FDC offers a server with 4mbps+ bandwidth for $99/mo. What the hell do you expect? Where do they state they will manage/troubleshoot your apache issues? Apache is a third party application. Do this: tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log let us know what it spews out.
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    Cheapest dedicated server

    A p4 2.8ghz, 1gb of ram and 8mb cache ide hdd's could easily take 8mbps 24/7 as long as it's set-up reasonably.
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    Rackshack Ups The Transfer

    It doesn't really matter to be honest. They get good rates though. ;)
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    Wooooo!!! 14!!!

    Happy Birthday. :birthday: I am suprised Jan hasn't posted. :confused:
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    Cheapest dedicated server

    You can upgrade to latest stable/release/edge if it's not already. RS is the best value provider out. CIhost is the devil and owned by Interland, stay far far away. Run as fast as you can. ;) No. Webmin is a basic server admin cp.
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    Rackshack Ups The Transfer

    Locations Daniel, locations. If you have a server in Texas and you connect directly onto a long-haul OC-48/OC-192 to NJ/NY / CA you would get better pings than the metro fiber loops you connect to via your local city -> chi -> dallas - > ev1. Choopa uses MFN as well. Hopefully RS will add...
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    Interesting request

    :confused: Do you mean I... or :confused:
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    i6networks.com is it The Best free hosting?

    Re: ok host, if what skorpion said is true why :confused: