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  1. tk-hassan

    Web Design Process: 8 Steps To Make Creative Designs

    Many people consider the web design process difficult and mostly done by experts. Do you also feel the same? If you think the same, then this blog is for you. No doubt, having a solid web design process is not very easy. But, we have explained a step-by-step guide so that you can easily design a...
  2. tk-hassan

    How to Choose Right Web Hosting Plan [Infographic]

    Choosing the right web hosting plan is one of the challenges because you have a lot of options and types available on the market. It has a greater impact on your overall branding and performance of your online business. Before selecting a web hosting plan, it is also important to understand...
  3. tk-hassan

    How To Host a Website: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

    How to Host a Website? First, pick a name and purpose for your new website. Research and decide which platform you will use to create your website. Next, build your website using the software that you have chosen. Then, set up your domain name and get it registered with a web host. Finally, get...
  4. tk-hassan

    What are Dedicated Servers?

    Simply put, dedicated server is a high performance PC. You are just renting this PC on a monthly basis to host your website. No one else can use this PC because you are paying for it. It is DEDICATED to your website. Dedicated servers are defined as all the resources allocated to only one...
  5. tk-hassan

    What is Domain Parking and Domain Life Cycle in the Digital World?

    In this digital world, technology is continually growing and changing the world and the way we express ourselves. For example, whenever we talk about surfing, mostly we are talking about the browsing WWW (World Wide Web) instead of surface water in which the wave rider or surfer rides on a...
  6. branded

    best ways to monetize your blog/website for beginners

    1. Affiliate Marketing (.. and affiliate links) Examples of a successful affiliate site: Booking.com Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular (not to mention quickest) ways to make money from your website or blog. Start by finding a product you like and would recommend. Then on your...
  7. tk-hassan

    Fully Managed Hosting: A Boon for Your Business Solutions

    The path to create your business web presence consists of too many crossroads with a plethora of choices and options. All of it starts with types of hosting solutions to choose from. There are multiple kinds of web hosting solutions such as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and...
  8. VAUNetworks

    VAU Networks Ltd - Innovation is just the Beginning!

    VAU Networks Ltd is an online Networking, Cloud Hosting and Business Branding service, provided by the Voice Artists United Networks, which provides the following services: . Web Hosting . E-mail Hosting . Virtual Private Servers . Web Design Services . Website Maintenance Contracts . Website...