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Anti virus for server?

My vote is also for NOD32. I'm using that on an active factory network with good results. The business versions of NOD32 also have a remote administrator tool that lets you centralize configuration and management, if you have a couple of machines in your care you can set one of them up to mirror updates and to keep statistics using the remote admin tool.

That was installed to replace AVG. I had used AVG for years, but the quality of the past few versions of it seems to have gone downhill compared to how it was when I first switched to it.

ClamWin is also one I am keeping an eye on. It's a Windows port of the Linux ClamAV, which seems to be shaping up nicely.
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You can do that with Norton and McAfee, and CLAM is still a bit iffy.

If your still looking Hamed, plump for the Norton/Symantec one.

Never had a problem on many corp networks with either, but Norton Enterprise (the server and workstation version) did sort of pip it by pushing updates immediately to the management console on server without waiting for scheduled updates when there was a high risk.

Neither McAfee or Norton have had an spread infection on any networks I've worked on, so they do hit any as soon as with constant monitoring.

If it's for one server only pick the cheapest of those 2 for a standard workstation version, it'll do the job just as well and set updating to every hour, sorted.
If you're looking for something that's light weight, I don't suggest anything made by Symantec.
Norton/Symantec enterprise products are remarkably lightweight (not the personal commercial bloat with everything including a dog walker), the client they push to desktop/laptop estate is the lowest resource usage I've seen, the server version even with the management console and full domain managed distribution management is very low compared to other 'industry leaders' and again it's pretty foolproof, it updates and distributes itself, so you can have IT staff having a bit of a sleep at quiet times :D
I'd suggest Kaspersky Server Edition, alternatively Avast! Server Edition.

ClamAV has the worst detection rates of any antivirus available, and should be avoided unless you have a specific need for it.

Yep... Kaspersky is the number one right now... so you should definitely check it out :D
I think that AVG is the best anti virus for server and all other system.I also using avg for anti virus security and i'm totally satisfy with this.
Symantec have several products. you will visit Symantec product site and find related your requirement every easily.
Have anyone here *ever* had viruses on their servers?
I mean, since most web-servers are running Linux anyway...
Is it used primarily for scanning stuff that your clients
Have anyone here *ever* had viruses on their servers?
I mean, since most web-servers are running Linux anyway...
Is it used primarily for scanning stuff that your clients

I've never had any kind of virus infect any of my linux boxes, but I do scan my servers regularly for viruses just in case. The only content that has ever triggered the AV was user uploaded files. When something of that nature is discovered, I contact them and give them an alloted time to remove the infected files from the server or else it would be deleted by us.