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EvaDav- Global Advertising Network providing push notifications, pops and native ads


Hello, Evadavers!

The Evadav team is constantly working on improvements.

This is crucial to us as we commit to providing more platform upgrades that will improve your experience, advertising efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

And we keep our promise!

This month’s Evadav functional updates:
- the choice of several categories of countries;
- inpage format examples were added;
- developed important tooltips;
- created the unfolding of the bids’ block;
- implemented news section in a personal account.

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Test Evadav’s features

Hello, Evadavers!

In the digest, we introduced adult games to a great perspective in 2023.

And when you still decide to test the vertical, our advertiser has already earned $579.05 with adult gaming in the USA geo and has reached ROI of 58.15%.

In our case study, we tell you in detail how to:

- promote games 18+ effectively;
- choose Adult gaming offer;
- configure and optimize your campaign;
- and how much you can earn at Gaming Adult in 2023.

Go to the case study

Launch gaming campaign with Evadav

Hello, Advertisers!

The USA is a vast field for experimentation, and we cannot fail to tell you about the prospects and intricacies of working with this region.

The Evadav team created a detailed guide dedicated to the Tier 1 leader – the USA. The largest and most diverse audience, generous payouts, stable currency rate, high income, and maximum interest in new offers – yes, it’s all about the United States.

In our new guide, you will learn the following:
- features of US audience: mentality, language, preferences, life priorities;
- prospects of geo and top verticals with the latest statistics;
- advertising formats that bring the most conversion;
- approaches to making creatives with vivid examples;
- life hacks to create an effective 2023 strategy for the United States.

You’re about to make a real little trip to the USA and, of course, to get exclusive recommendations from Evadav experts for your cosmic ROI.

USA geo features

The United States of America is a nation in North America with a vast territory and population of more than 333 million.

USA is a multilingual country. Although the English-speaking population has an absolute advantage (80%) and English has official status in 32 states, more than 300 languages are spoken.

Before collecting traffic among residents of the states, note that they have these features:
- patriotism, pride in country and history, so at least half of them try to buy domestic products;
- enterprise and planning - Americans know how to manage money, find solutions, and make profitable deals; so always indicate the benefits of the offer for them;
- optimism, faith in oneself and luck, so they participate with enthusiasm in online draws, online casinos, and betting;
- literacy, 99% of Americans are literate people, so be honest with them, do not hide your interest;
- affability and friendliness - whether residents of California or Texas, they are happy to do a small service free of charge;
- need for comfort - they want to have a beautiful and cozy home, a lot of different household appliances, and good cars;
- high self-esteem and healthy selfishness - yes, Americans value themselves and strive to be better than others, so focus on the exclusivity and uniqueness of the offer.
- pickiness - a US resident will not wait a few months for a cheap product from AliExpress;
- quality is a priority for every American; discounts and promotions for them are not so attractive, but rather, on the contrary - raise doubts about quality.

Best advertising formats

When working with the US audience, the most effective formats are:
> video format;
> interstitial;
> inpage;
> banners;
> native ads;
> push notifications;
> popunder.

Top verticals

Let’s look at the top verticals in the United States, together with the latest display statistics from January 2023.

The TOP 6 verticals in affiliate marketing in the US are:
- Dating
- Webcam
- Gambling
- Betting
- Gaming
- Nutra

Approaches to making creatives and landing pages


Americans love to play action and adult, arcade, and casual games.

The advertiser’s task is to show the most vivid and fascinating game moments, characters, and bonuses.

Such creatives in inpage format with the System-template with bright, dynamic images will show larger clickability:


Evadav tip:
update creatives more often
so as not to annoy potential leads. Also note that the same game sooner or later annoys the user, so try new platforms

The USA is the most profitable geo for online dating. Almost 300 million Americans spend time on dating websites and apps. Most conversions come from 25-35 years old audiences, but LTV and bill are higher in the 50+ category.

Evadav tip:
use English in creatives, realistic photos, macros of the city in the title and Social Style for inpage advertising to make a pop-up notification look like a new social network message.


Today there are at least 10 gadgets in every American family. In this regard, device protection programs are relevant for the population of the United States of America.

Use the following approaches in creatives to advertise antivirus apps:
- use icons and images with threat attributes, symbolizing danger;
- select scary headers with warnings about the threat or detection of viruses;
- offer free trial periods;
- focus on popular brands.


Evadav tip:
disguise ads as system notifications using custom inpage styles available in campaign settings.

The people of all the states, without exception, share a common passion for gambling. The operation of Internet casinos in the US requires the creation of an offline institution and purchasing of a license.

Evadav tip:
Choose gambling offers with a local license.

Use the following elements:
- vivid images showing the winnings and strong emotions of players for creatives;
- pre-landers with "wheel of fortune", where the user, essentially, will win and go already "warm" to the landing page;
- casinos and slot machines widgets and attributes.


For the US audience, most of the offers from this vertical are suitable, as more than 50% of Americans use biologically active supplements regularly and systematically, and 10% use 4 supplements a day.

To make cool creatives for Nutra offers:
- do not scare users with the shocking words "cancer", "impotence";
- do not address political or racial issues, Americans are negative about them;
- show a concrete result from the supplement use in photos "Before" and "After";
- use pre-lander in the local language.


Almost every US citizen, even the poor and homeless, has access to the Internet. And they have long preferred online shopping, easily part with money, and often with credit.

In creatives for the offers from this vertical:
- do not use direct calls to action ("Buy", "Download", "Order", "Subscribe", "Make a first deposit"). Americans do not like when they are persuaded to buy;
- refuse to promote low-quality goods and cheap, unnecessary things. Americans will always defend their rights in court if they find the slightest discrepancy to their expectations;
- focus on the uniqueness of the offer and the exclusivity of the product.


Webcam resources reach up to 5 million visits per day.

People (viewers) interested in offers from this vertical are often lonely, want to have an interesting leisure time, and, in fact, are ready to pay for it.

To bring many conversions, creatives must be intriguing and personalized.


Evadav tip:
Accurately identify the target audience and use users’ "pain" in creatives, landings, and pre-landers - "Lonely?" "Do you want a no-strings-attached relationship?" "Looking for a partner nearby?".

As people in the United States are gamblers, the Betting vertical shows no less conversion than Gambling.

While sports and eSports betting offers align with trends, the approaches remain the same and work well.

Use the same approaches as in work with gambling in creatives for betting offers:
- offer bonuses to Americans;
- use wow-icons and images that show the emotions of winning;
- logos of famous sports brands, club logos, and player photos work well;
- intriguing questions to users are also effective ("Guess who will win?").


Evadav tip:
synchronize the launch of promotional events
with sports events, and watch the schedule of matches and forecasts. In this vertical, your income directly depends on the offer’s relevance!

Evadav experts’ recommendations

And finally we will give you some expert advice from Evadav, which will help you to master this market and not waste your first budget:
6. Choose an inpage format for advertising campaigns. The Classic custom style shows the highest conversion.
7. At the campaign start, launch several creatives at once.
8. Limit the frequency capping for the new white list to 1.
9. Use automated rules.
10. Choose Evadav premium traffic.

Read the complete guide 2023 Advertising Strategy for USA

Launch US-campaign with Evadav

Evadav team is glad to announce fantastic promos for you! Keep reading to find out more.

Starting from Mar 7, create and launch new advertising campaigns on the top geos:

- US
- ID
- BR
- UK
- IT
- JP

And pay attention to the top verticals:

- Dating
- Webcam
- Gambling
- Betting
- Trading
- Nutra
- Apps

Here what you will get:
- $50 bonus for the 5% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period;
- $100 bonus for the 10% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period

How to Get a Bonus?
Get the bonus by emailing us at support@evadav.com with the subject line "march bonus" within the period after the end of the activity on 22.03.23 - 26.03.23.

The promo will last from Mar 7 till Mar 21.

And There is More!
All devices are beeping from greeting Push messages; e-commerce sites offer In-Page and Native ads, as well as Popunder - it’s 8 March!

We are greeting all the women on International Woman's Day! On this day, let’s thank every woman in our life and show them love. Happy Woman’s Day!

To this occasion, we’ve prepared one more bonus surprise for you:

Get +8% for replenishing your balance up to $1000 by using the promo code march8!

Launch your campaigns with Evadav

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Hello, Evadavers!

Did you know that the best way to quickly and inexpensively promote a content website is to buy Evadav traffic?

Our partner shared his experience driving popunder traffic to his site, which resulted in more than a million clicks for just $848.

Want to know the secrets of such success – read the case study in which we:

- tell you all about the Content Website vertical;
- talk about the offer types and practical advertising formats;
- share ways to drive traffic to the site with 18+ video content;
- reveal the secrets of creating a selling landing page;
- give expert advice and life hacks on customizing and optimizing campaigns.

Remember, whether you are an advertiser or an arbitrator. What is important is that the Evadav traffic converts fiercely. Just look at the figures!

Read the case study

Buy Evadav’s quality traffic

Hello, Advertisers!

Nutra is a classic evergreen vertical in affiliate marketing.

In addition to making excellent earnings (this industry brings billions of dollars to advertisers annually), the Nutra vertical requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior, making it ideal for affiliate marketing.

The Evadav team has created a detailed step-by-step guide in which you will learn:
- vertical's features, prospects, and problems;
- the target audience of Nutra offers;
- promising traffic and geo channels;
- working approaches to making creatives;
- the best advertising formats for promotion;
- the secrets of profitable advertising campaigns;
- and, of course, actual advertising statistics to inspire you to even more fiery results!

Immersion in the world of Nutra and exclusive advice from Evadav experts for profitable campaigns and ROI await you.

What is Nutra vertical?

Nutra is biologically active supplements, dietary products, minerals and vitamins, and cosmetic products. This vertical has many directions.

> Target audience is mostly women aged 35-55, but there are also men aged 25-40.
> Competition level: consistently high.
> Traffic cost: average.
> Pricing model: COD, SS-offers, and Trial.
> Offer type: "white" - the user gets a product that could solve his problem. But with 18+ products, you will have to bypass the moderation.
> Difficulty level: It’s easy to start with Evadav traffic.
> Geo: The highest conversion is in the countries from Tier 1 and Tier 2. You can also try Tier 3.

Features of Nutra offers: relevance, problems, and prospects

Even experienced arbitrage managers can hardly promote dietary supplements.

Let’s see what problems advertisers face when working with Nutra offers:
- high traffic requirements (most often geo from Tier 1 are listed in offers’ KPIs. Tier 2, and 3 geos are rare);
- consumers are often unaware of some of the supplements that could potentially solve their problem until they see the advertisement. Therefore, Nutra can't be found through search engines, which means that it is simply pointless to promote it with keywords;
- high competition, tough to advertise Nutra in Tier 1, but the level of payouts motivates ideally;
- leading the user to conversion is difficult, and it's nothing to do here without warming up;
- Nutra vertical products target the solvent audience - there are no cheap goods, so it is even more challenging to get the lead from Tier 2 and 3.
But look, what results can be achieved with the right approach:


Best geo for Nutra offers

The list of the most stable leaders to date looks like this:
- India
- Indonesia

Secondary geo which also show good conversion:
- Germany
- Great Britain
- Brazil
- Italy
- Georgia
- Japan
- Israel

Evadav tip:
Pre-analyze the relevance of the offer in any geo to get a good CR. Do not neglect Asian countries. Demand for Nutra is good. Yes, the payouts are lower, but large volumes and low traffic costs offset this.

Target audience

At first glance, it may seem that the target traffic should be sought among the young and progressive generation.

But in fact, it turns out that the products of non-traditional medicine mainly interest adults.

Generation Z trusts exclusively evidence-based medicine, pays dearly for consultations with specialists, and buys individual nutritional plans. Sometimes the young audience is also interested in "wonder pills", but adults - much more often.

Traffic sources

You can use any traffic source for Nutra offers — social media, Google Ads, teaser networks, marketplace, push.

Effective advertising formats

The following formats work perfectly for Nutra offers advertising.
> classic push notifications;
> popunder;
> native ads;
> inpage.

Evadav tip:
To promote Nutra products, choose Classic-style - such ads show the best CR and CTR in beauty and health offers. Please note that custom styling is an exclusive feature from Evadav.

Nutra attracts advertisers for a reason. If you do everything correctly, spend the budget wisely, and use all the options of the advertising network and recommendations from the Evadav team, ROI will only please you.

Read the guide on promoting dietary supplements, and don't be afraid to test the Nutra offers.

Read the guide

Launch Nutra-campaign with Evadav

Hello, Evadavers!

Are you looking for a profitable niche but considering trading a place for professionals? And in vain! You are players, too, but only in the traffic market. And I’m sure you’re wondering how many people here want to make money from asset price differences.

If you still have doubts, read how our advertiser made $3,926 a month.

ROI 37%+ on trading offers. It is achievable with Evadav!

In our case study, you will learn the following:
- subtleties of trading vertical;
- features of the target audience;
- all about the effective promotion of trading offers;
- traffic sources and advertising formats that bring results;
+ tips on configuring campaigns from Evadav experts.

Read the case study

Launch trading campaign with Evadav

Hello, Evadavers!

Looking for a hot bundle for American traffic?
Then hurry up and read the case study from our partner, who earned $10,000 on a dating offer in the US in a month.

You will find a lot of helpful information:
- Dating offers prospects in the US;
- features of the target audience;
- Secrets of earnings on online dating in the US;
- Effective advertising formats;
- Converting creatives for Americans.

We offer not to delay until tomorrow what can be earned today using the ready-made bundle from our advertiser and recommendations from the Evadav team.

Go to the case study

Launch a dating campaign with Evadav

Hello, Evadavers!

If you've read our Advertising Strategy Guide for 2023 for the United States, you know what is relevant today to promote in the States.

Cams vertical is steadily moving up and breathing into the dating's back.

In the new case study, you will find a hot bundle with 38% ROI and the latest information:
- what is Cams vertical;
- target audience features;
- traffic channels and payment models;
- what creatives for cams offers are more clickable;
- how to configure and optimize a campaign for a more significant profit.

And while you’re still thinking, your competitors are testing our push traffic with Cams offers and sharing results.

Read the case study

Make money with EVADAV LEADING ADS
Can you provide examples of successful cases where advertisers achieved significant ROI increases using your ad network?

Hello, Evadavers!

There are many ways to monetize the traffic, but if we are talking about the long run, the native ads format is the most attractive and efficient.

It is easy to set up, covers all geo, brings a loyal audience, works long-term, and, with the right approach, even improves user experience.

The Evadav team has studied publishers' needs in working with the native format and has developed a new functionality, thanks to which you can increase your profit times without audience burnout.

So, let's look at all the improvements to Evadav's native format in more detail.

What is native ads?

Native advertising is one of the most efficient and loyal formats. Ads are integrated into the website according to the theme and do not look like ads.

The main feature that distinguishes the native format from any other is the consumer benefit. The focus is not on the promoted object but on the content in which the advertising is integrated.

Therefore, the appearance of widgets and the ability to customize them similarly to the site's content are the most important for success in working with native advertising.

What improvements are available to publishers?

Detailed settings of ads appearance are now available in Evadav’s Native 2.0. BTW, you won’t find them in any other advertising network.

To see the updates, you need:

> Log in to the Publisher Personal Account > Streams


> Create a new stream and give it a name


> Select Native format


Adaptive versions

Previously, the publisher could not configure resizes and adaptive versions of the widget, so the display on each device was not always optimal.

Material settings are divided into 2 Layout blocks: Desktop/Tablet layout and Mobile layout. So the publisher can optimize the widget as accurately and optimally as possible based on the devices of its audience.

In these blocks, you can adjust the number of columns, rows, horizontal and vertical spacing, image aspect ratio, and the maximum number of text lines for Mobile and Desktop/Tablet.


Fixed Widget Size

The Evadav team implemented the ability to specify a fixed size of the native widget. Use the «Fixed Widget Size» checkbox to activate this option.

The widget automatically filled the available width space and could change the height to accommodate content.

A widget with a fixed width on the page will always look the same as on the preview in the publisher's account so that you can control the appearance before the launch.


Important: Applying the image aspect ratio is impossible using this option because the image dimensions will be calculated automatically.


You can also specify the mobile layout activation width option. It automatically applies the layout for desktop versions and tablets or mobile devices.


The layout will automatically switch to the mobile if the widget container width is less or equal to 450px. If the widget container width exceeds 450px, then the desktop/tablet layout will be applied.

The main advantage of this improvement is that fixed widgets are displayed the same on all devices.

Appearance options

Minimal settings of the native format widget design.

Now there are more settings, and all are designed to create a widget that will look as native as possible on the publisher's website without standing out of the page's design and context.

Now you can change the appearance options in the block:
- Background color;
- Image border size;
- Image Border Color.



You can also add a zoom effect using the appropriate checkbox.


Text Formatting
Maximum detailed text settings in the Text Formatting block are now available:
- font;
- size;
- color (static and hover);
- bold or italic;
- alignment (left, center, right).



The preview is one of the most convenient improvements to the native format for publishers, which allows you to see how the widget will look on a particular website.

With this option, you can view the settings mentioned above on the right of the preview and no longer worry that the widget will not look right after being created on the website.

Use the preview to fine-tune your site’s ad display for different devices.

A preview of widget’s all size versions is available:







and even resizable.

For example, the publisher wants to insert a widget in a block of 600 pixels width on the website. It specifies the width of 600 in the Resizable tab in the container's width box and sees the actual display in the preview.


If the widget does not look good, you can easily change the size, for example, 900 pixels, and see how it will look with other parameters and, thus, find the perfect size for your website.


Ads label

Hit the «Show Label» checkbox to add an advertising mark to the widget.

After that, you will have access to all the fields for editing the ads label:
- text;
- font;
- size;
- color;
- position (top right, top left, top center, bottom left, bottom right, bottom center).


Click the Create button to save your widget after configuring all settings.


When editing a widget, press the Update button.

Tracking widget display statistics

The Evadav team also implemented an option to track the widget hitting the browser's viewport.

How It Works:
4. check whether 50% of the widget falls into the viewport (50% by height);
5. if it does, the timer runs with a timeout in 1 second;
6. after this time, a second check is performed: if 50% of the widget is in the viewport, the display event is sent.

The algorithm works until the display event is sent to statistics or the page is closed.

There is a new column - "Visibility," in statistics (the publisher's account) when choosing the native format. It shows the ratio between the number of impressions and times the widget was loaded.


There is also a tooltip near the Visibility column to help all publishers.

Recommendations and life hacks to increase income

- Choose the optimal size of the banner suitable for the placement. Do not ignore the fixed widget option. It will help to avoid incorrect displays on the site.
- Use all options of the Evadav platform to configure the display of the advertisement container to match the page content and design elements as much as possible.
- Test different options for ads placement on the page and analyze their effectiveness.

We hope you liked our native format updates and are happy to test them.

If you have any questions, write to the personal manager, who is online 24/7/365.

Monetize traffic with Native 2.0 from Evadav

Hello, Evadavers!

Exciting News!
Join the "Ultimate Fishing” from Evadav.
Hunt exactly your Reward!

Follow the activity section right now


Target global audience: Create advertising campaigns in the United States, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China.

Boost your account: Increase the number of ad campaigns and their spending from May 20th to June 30th and earn EVApoints.

Collect EVApoints: Get 1 EVApoint for every $40 spent on ad campaigns in the mentioned countries.

Convert points to Amazon Gift Cards: Redeem your EVApoints balance 1:1 for Amazon Gift Cards, worth up to $1000:

– points for May — in the period from June 01st to 10th.
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Get even more bonuses during the activity period:

Cashback Bonus: Enjoy up to 6% cashback! Ask your manager for more details.

New Customers Get $25: Test your ad campaigns and receive $25 when you replenish your ad balance using the promo code "fishing".

Use the most experience and solid data for your advertisement.

Top Verticals: Advertise in leading verticals like Dating, Gambling, Betting, Trading, Nutra, Webcam, Applications, Software, and Sweepstakes.

Top Advertising Formats:

In-Page Ads: Captivate your audience with visually appealing and interactive ads displayed within web pages.
Push Notifications: Reach users directly on their devices with attention-grabbing messages and offers delivered at exactly the right time to maximize your ad's click-through rate.
Pop-up Ads: Command attention with engaging pop-up ads in adjacent tabs that capture the user's attention.
Native Ads: Seamlessly integrate your ads with surrounding content for a more natural and unobtrusive end-user ad experience and increase your offer's conversion rate.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to maximize your advertising impact and earn rewards!

Quickly Launch Ad Campaigns and Win Rewards: Hunt for the rewards you want!


Apple: Use your rewards for purchases at any Apple Store, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Apple Books, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and other Apple properties.

Google: Explore the Google ecosystem with purchases from Google Play Games, Google Play Apps, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Books.

Netflix: Dive into a world of TV shows and movies with a subscription to Netflix, offering captivating and whole-time entertainment services.

Uber & Uber Eats: Enjoy safe 24/7 pickups and place orders from hundreds of local restaurants with the convenience of Uber and Uber Eats.

Amazon: With Amazon.com Gift Cards, the possibilities are endless. Redeem them for millions of items store-wide at Amazon.com or certain affiliated websites.

Contact your manager now to get a consultation and upload new ad campaigns on your account to get started with Evadav.com.

If you have any questions, write to us, we are online 24/7/365.

Start your fishing with Evadav - The Leading Ads

Hello, Evadavers!

Fishing for prizes from Evadav continues!

Increase your ad budget in the United States, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and China.

Earn EVApoints for every $40 spent on ads in these countries.

Redeem points for gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Google, Uber, Netflix, etc.

Remember to redeem your points from July 1st to 10th to avoid cancellation!

New customers get a $25 bonus.
Promo code: fishing.

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Act now

Hello, Evadavers!

We are thrilled to share the news that Evadav will be participating in one of the most highly anticipated events in the affiliate industry – Affiliate World Barcelona on July 12-13. This is a remarkable opportunity to connect with industry leaders, showcase the latest innovations, and exchange ideas with fellow affiliates.


During the event, we will be unveiling our game-changing MultiTag, a revolutionary tool designed to take your affiliate marketing campaigns to new heights. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking release!

Are you attending Affiliate World Barcelona? We invite you to visit our booth #D10 and join us at the Beer Garden, hosted by the Evadav Leading Ads Team. It's the perfect place to relax, network, and enjoy delicious brews while mingling with like-minded professionals. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect with industry experts and gain valuable insights.

As a token of our appreciation, we have an exclusive offer for our partners.

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Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we gear up for Affiliate World Barcelona. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be part of a dynamic and engaging event!

Win a FREE €2999 Ticket to Affiliate World Barcelona - Join Now!


Participation is simple:
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3 Once your campaign is live, send an email to support@evadav.com with the subject line "I WANT TO BARCELONA" using the email address associated with your Evadav profile.
4 We will send you a unique ID, so make sure to save it (Example: 1159077).

Activity period: June 22 - June 28 (7 days). On June 29, we will randomly select two lucky winners using the website RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service.


Winners will be notified and provided with their ticket codes on June 30.

But that's not all! This ticket is versatile and can be used by affiliates, arbitrage specialists, company employees, business owners, and publishers without any restrictions. Experience the buzz of Affiliate World Barcelona firsthand!

- The ticket cannot be exchanged for cash with the organizers.
- Our team will contact the winners after the draw and share the ticket codes with them. Ensure you provide a valid email address and save your unique ID securely.
- Please use the email address mentioned in your Evadav profile to receive the code if you win.
- Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity from Evadav Leading Ads!

Secure your chance of winning and boosting your business at Affiliate World Barcelona. Create Ad Campaign Good luck!

If you have any questions, write to us, we are online 24/7/365.