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EvaDav- Global Advertising Network providing push notifications, pops and native ads


Hello, Evadavers!

Do you want to know why partners who work with Evadav have so many profitable campaigns? Because we take every new partner by the hand and lead to success.

We broke down all the nuances for you in the guide for advertisers.

After reading it, you will get all the information for a quick and profitable start on the Evadav platform:
- get to know the most effective formats;
- learn to set up successful advertising campaigns;
- recognize the top geo and verticals which bring the most profit;
- see real statistics from our advertisers;
+ life hacks to work with each format from Evadav experts.

Master the platform quickly and become part of our team

Register and contact the manager with any questions. We are always here for you!

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Become advertiser in Evadav: Leading Ads

Hello, EVADAV-ers!

How do you get more "warm" traffic working with push notifications? Retargeting is one of the effective options that will allow you to return users by showing them personalized advertising.

We know how much you have been looking forward to this and are ready to present you with the opportunity to use retargeting in your advertising campaigns. The feature is already available in the advertiser's personal account on request, and we are eager to tell you all the charms of retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is an advertiser’s tool that analyzes users’ actions on a page with an offer to show them relevant advertising. Retargeting aims to retain or return indecisive users interested in the offer but have not brought conversions or have already taken targeted action.
How does it work?
When a user leaves the target page, the system remembers him and allows you to display the advertisement to this user on other resources participating in the retargeting program.

For example, when users migrate to other sites, they may see ads that remind them of your product or service.

Let’s say Alex is interested in the offer and browses the page accordingly. But he never dares to make a purchase or other targeted action. Alex will leave the page and open another site, game app, or social network. Whatever resource he uses next (if this site is in our database for publishers), he will receive a reminder of the incomplete purchase and other offers based on the data collected about him.


What is retargeting for?

Retargeting helps to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, as it allows you to interact with an audience that is already familiar with your offer and has shown some interest in it.

It can help you retain potential customers, increase conversion and improve overall marketing efforts. It is crucial to follow the confidentiality rules and notify users about collecting and using their data as part of the retargeting campaign.

Targeting and retargeting — what’s the difference?

Targeting is the setting of advertising to the target audience on specific parameters. Retargeting involves advertising to already interested users. In essence, for the advertiser, it is like targeting “by interests”, which is impossible in the case of pop- and push-traffic.

About effectiveness of retargeting push notifications

Retargeting push can reach users who click on ads, then convert or interact with target pages.

Retargeting audiences will be collected automatically.

With the help of retargeting push notifications, you can remind users about unfinished purchases and great offers at the most appropriate moment. The tool lets you interact with subscribers for a long time, increasing loyalty and stimulating re-sales.

Interesting to know:
Our internal tests and system statistics show that retargeting push helps return active subscribers and significantly increase conversion. The number of sendouts is unlimited. And since you are now dealing with a "warm" audience, the conversion will be higher than among users who came via regular advertising.

Thus, it is possible to get the audience back with retargeting push notifications much cheaper and faster than using other tools — for example, remarketing through contextual advertising.

It is crucial not to confuse retargeting with remarketing:
The main difference between remarketing and retargeting is how user data is used. Remarketing typically refers to ads placed on third-party platforms to re-attract users, while retargeting involves using collected data to customize targeted campaigns, including their further display.

It is a great way to interact more effectively with the audience and get maximum profit from advertising campaigns.

Advertisers will save time and budget by choosing push notifications for retargeting. You can customize creatives as much as possible by segmenting the audience on various parameters. And this is a direct path to high CTR, CR, and the corresponding ROI.

5 efficient tactics for targeting

Retargeting is very relevant for top verticals such as dating, gambling, betting, trading, gaming, and finance.


To catch up and return the audience, you can:

Remind users of incomplete registrations, remaining goods in the shopping cart, forgotten deposits, and unconfirmed data.

Inform about new messages, profile views, special offers, promotions, sales, and loyalty programs. In betting, it is important to be event-oriented and create push in 2-4 days, depending on events developed at the Championship.

Engage the audience by stimulating it with rewards such as discounts, free spins, bonuses, promo codes, trials, and exclusive content.

Create upsells by encouraging the user to spend more, offering to buy related, similar, or improved products. Registered users can be targeted for the next funnel stage, for example, account replenishment or purchase of VIP status.

Encourage re-sales. Those users who have already been converted once are the best audience, and you can not just let it go. Personalized offers can be used to re-convert actual leads..


Using all methods in a complex, you can effectively restore communication with the audience and get your formula of game-changing sales.

How to set up retargeting

This option is available for push advertising campaigns. It’s enough to take a few simple steps. We’ll show you how to do it.

Select the Push notifications advertising format:


Find the ReTargeting block and select “Targeting” or “Collecting”:


Audiences in “Targeting” directly retarget campaigns only on Push UserID contained in these audiences.

The audience in “Collecting” serves as a collection of Push UserID.


In the advertiser’s account, the “Audiences” tab now has a new type of audience: “ReTargeting” (by user; push notifications only).

In “Collect users by events,” you should select the type of event by which the audience will be automatically collected:
> Click;
> Conversion.

FYI: UserID parameter helps to track users’ actions and get a complete picture of interaction with the page.

Note! Retargeting is also available to API users 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. and allows you to create audiences only by ReTargeting by users clicks type.


We know that you trust numbers rather than words. And, of course, we will not leave you without showing impressive results from using a new feature.

The advertiser grouped users in the dating vertical by Click Events (Collect users by events: Click), eventually increasing CTR by 15%:



And finally, a comment from the advertiser:

“Retargeting works! And I didn’t bother with it — just dubbed the same campaigns and raised the bid. CTR is great and leads have increased by 10-15% easily”.

The functionality is available on request, so contact the personal manager.

Retargeting is a crucial and long-awaited option. It is an ideal way to segment the audience deeply for effective customization of promotional materials. By adapting creatives, you can show users personalized ads and get more conversions.

Run push campaigns with retargeting in EVADAV to get users back or receive re-conversions.

Launch campaign with retargeting

Hello, EVADAV-ers!

Did you miss the hot case studies from EVADAV advertisers? Catch the latest with two offers from GamingAdult — Pornstar Harem and HentaiHeroes.

Ad bundles did not bring much profit, but goals were achieved — the advertiser tested offers, discovered converting zones, and collected blacklists.

Want to see how many conversions have been obtained for each geo from tier-1?

We have prepared for you a case study ✍where we will show
- features, rates, and KPIs of offers with browser games;
- the specifics of the gaming vertical and the nuances of working with it;
- advantages of inpage format for advertising gaming offers;
- detailed settings of advertising campaigns;
- detailed statistics before and after optimization.
tips and tricks from experts that will help to work effectively with similar bundles with EVADAV: LEADING ADS.

Read the case in blog

Become EVADAV advertiser

Exciting News from EVADAV!

Hello, Freewebspace Community! We're thrilled to share the fantastic news with our partners and advertisers.

Introducing PIX: A New Payment Method for Brazil Users

Why PIX?

– Instant Payments: Add funds instantly for swift actions.
– Cost-Effective: Low transaction fees, optimizing your budget.
– Hassle-Free: Simplified payment process for easy top-ups.

Elevate Your Advertising:
– Add Funds with PIX: Effortlessly add funds to your EVADAV balance.
– Launch Profitable Campaigns: Explore our offers and boost revenue.

Ready to skyrocket your results?

Sign in to your account or create a new one





Ready for Affiliate Success? Discover Top Insights!

Hello, Advertisers & Affiliates!

Autumn's here, and EVADAV Leading Ads has your back on the path to advertising dominance!

Swipe the carousel and take note of
- Traffic volumes in popular countries.
- Recommended bids for each format.
- A list of GEOs to find the right offer.

Launch new ad campaigns with updated targeting right now!

Read our blog article where we've added killer creatives for push advertising just for you!

Meet our Q4 Event Calendar!

We are pleased to present you our new exclusive event calendar for the fourth quarter of 2023.
It includes all the most important events in the world of affiliate marketing that definitely affect the future of the affiliate and which cannot be missed.

- Download the calendar at the link so that all events are always at hand!

- Reap the benefits with us! Join EVADAV

Hey, Advertisers & Affiliates!

Who’s looking for a fresh format for monetization?
We advise you to pay attention to the inpage format with custom styles

The EVADAV team has prepared a detailed guide in which all the publisher's questions about the traffic monetization with this format are closed:
- how does the inpage advertising work;
- how it looks on the publisher's site;
- which sites are suitable;
- how to set up the inpage monetization with EVADAV;
- how to affect the CR and earn more.
+ as always, we will not leave you without the inside info from EVADAV show the latest statistics from our partners and give some valuable tips.

Read the detailed guide
Go to blog >> All you need to know about traffic monetization with EVADAV inpage ads | Evadav

Monetize your website with EVADAV: LEADING ADS!

Black Friday Bonuses!

We have prepared delicious bonuses for our dear advertisers! We are holding a bonus draw for those who during the period from 21.11 to 30.11 increase their spend by 25% or more.

Hot bonuses that await you:

> 1st place - $500
> 2nd place - $300
> 3rd place - $200
> 4th place - $100
> 5th place - $50

In order to take part in the drawing, fulfill the following conditions:

- Increase the spend compared to the previous period by 25% (in the period from 21.11 - 30.11 compared to the period 11.11 - 20.11)
- Spend more than $500 for the specified period (11.11 - 20.11)
- For new users, and for those who didn't spend in the period from 11.11 to 20.11, but want to participate in the drawing, it is necessary to spend more than $500 from 21.11 to 30.11.
- Write a letter with the subject “I want a bonus” to support@evadav.com
- The manager will assign you a unique nickname for the drawing and send it by mail. Be sure to keep it for yourself.
- If you have not received a promotional code before 11.00 CET on 1.12, then write an email to support@evadav.com

We’ll publish the results of the drawing on December 5th on our blog.

Launch campaigns with EVADAV and reap the benefits with us!
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New Year's Draw!

We're getting into the New Year's spirit and launching a draw for the New Year! Those who, during the period from 25.12 to 03.01, increase their spend by 25% or more and new users who will spend more than $500 will participate in our draw.

What bonuses await you?

> 1st place - $350
> 2nd place - $250
> 3rd place - $200
> 4th place - $100
> 5th place - $100
> 6th place - $100
> 7th place - $100
> 8th place - $100
> 9th place - $100
> 10th place - $100

To take part in the drawing, fulfill the following conditions:

- Increase the spend compared to the previous period by 25% (in the period from 25.12 - 03.01 compared to the period 15.12 - 24.12)
- Spend more than $500 for the specified period (25.12 - 03.01)
- The manager will assign you a unique nickname for the drawing and send it in your communication channel with him or by email. Be sure to keep it for yourself.

We’ll choose the winners using a randomizer on January 8th.

Read more about the conditions of the draw in our blog.

EVADAV is the best way to make ads bring revenue!

:p Happy Christmas holidays!

Christmas, as well as the New Year holidays, is already knocking on the door, bringing with it cozy evenings, positive changes, and the fulfillment of desires.

Thank you for being with us this year! There are even more pleasant discoveries, great opportunities, and profits ahead of us! :cool:

:) From the entire EVADAV team, we congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you successful campaigns, high-quality traffic, profitable offers, and constant profit growth!

May you always be surrounded by your loved ones, all your endeavors will be successful, and may you always come across happy opportunities along your path. And may each of you make sure your personal New Year’s miracle comes true. ;)

:) Happy New Year!

:cool: New Year is a time of miracles and magic when wishes come true a little more often than at other times.

;) We really want this year to be truly magical for you so that it can give you as many pleasant impressions and joyful moments as you could wish for. Let it be a year of fulfilling desires and implementing all plans! We wish you new successes and achievements, new ideas and desires, new opportunities and aspirations, new horizons of happiness, and expanses of inspiration in the coming year!

Meet our Q1 2024 Event Calendar!

We are pleased to present you our new exclusive event calendar for the first quarter of 2024. It includes all the most important events in the world of affiliate marketing that definitely affect the future of the affiliate and which cannot be missed.

Download the calendar at the link so that all events are always at hand!

EVADAV is the best way to make ads brings revenue!

Push Notifications in the Affiliate's hands

How to make push notifications a reliable tool for making a profit? How to get the most out of them and even more?

We shared all the tricks for getting maximum benefits, looked at how they differ from push ads and looked behind the scenes of the 2024 trends. Don't miss your chance to increase revenue from your campaigns!

> Check out our new article: https://evadav.world/3w6Bt55

EVADAV is the best way to make ads bring revenue!

Meet EVADAV at Affiliate World Dubai!

Affiliate World Dubai is one of the largest and most significant international affiliate marketing conferences on February 28-29 in Dubai, UAE. It is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, business owners, and anyone who is interested in growing their affiliate marketing business.

> Find all the details of the event, as well as the link to book a meeting with us, in a new article on our blog.

See you soon at Affiliate World Dubai!

EVADAV is the best way to make ads bring revenue!

Exploring the Top CPA Networks of 2024

Dive into the world of CPA marketing with our latest comprehensive guide, where we uncover:
- What CPA Networks are
- Key Factors to consider when choosing a CPA network
- Benefits of cooperation with CPA networks and bonuses for you
- Detailed information about the main CPA networks that convert best on our traffic, such as Zeydoo, AdsEmpire, Cpamatica, and others.

>Read the full guide here-> https://bit.ly/3TCJFU8

CPA Networks from our Article+EVADAV Traffic= High Income

Join EVADAV today and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Scale your profits with pros!

Launch ad campaigns using the Popunder format on top sites and platforms and win fabulous prizes!

What bonuses await you?
- Main Prize: Brand-new Apple Vision Pro for those who show the highest spend (participants with a spend of $100000 or more)!

- Easter Bonuses: $3150 in prizes for 6 winners.

- Activity Period: May 1-31, 2024

- Winners Announcement: Selected via random.org by June 10

Below, you can see the list of bonuses and the necessary conditions to qualify for them.
Important: We will select one winner in each category. The bonus will be credited to the advertising account balance.


What you need to do to participate:
1. Contact your personal manager and get your unique nickname. Keep it safe.
2. Scale your Popunder format advertising campaigns.
3. Use white-lists and your manager’s recommendations to achieve maximum ROI.

To ensure you can fully leverage all the capabilities of the EVADAV advertising network, we have prepared a selection of top verticals and GEOs for you. Use them when launching your Popunder advertising campaigns!





> For additional information on promotional activities and participation terms, contact your manager.

Go ahead for the prizes. An Apple Vision is already waiting for its Winner. Set up your ad campaigns now!